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Mobilized is a highly monitored network. A Decentralized Collaborative Media Cooperative Information and Communication Hub of Activity and Knowledge that serves and nourishes the heart and soul of the community: The People who live and work there.

What guides us, serves you:

We are guided by eternal truths, the knowledge and wisdom based on scientifically-based wisdom that can be applied in the constant pursuit of excellence, to tell or share a story, to make a difference in the lives of others.

A foundation based on values and ethical principles:

  • To enable a better, evidence-based perspective on our lives and interactions
  • Diversity
  • Enable a better understanding of different cultures
  • To enable local businesses and NGO’s, Organizations and Non-Profits to discover better ways of working with each other while learning from one another
  • Experiences that offer an unexpected, unanticipated epiphany or realization
  • To enable, to touch on a wide range of emotions
  • Realizations that are felt in the senses
  • Honesty, authentic expression
  • Promote and enable a better connection
  • To enable curiosity that brings forth new adventure
  • Explore from the inside looking out
  • Provide a sense of cultural immersion
  • Offer the unexpected
  • Touch on a range of emotions
  • Be genuine, real, authentic
  • Promote connection
  • Clearly demonstrate and articulate new possibilities when we work together
  • Help to overcome misconceptions and misunderstandings
  • Based in a non-violent approach, we ask our collaborators to maintain civility and authenticity; therefore, there we do not permit anonymous postings or commenting or “flaming.”

We are collaborators in creation.
Media without Compromise.To serve mankind effectively, a new ecosystem of evidence based knowledge needs to be co-created that enables communities to disperse information to their citizenry–those who live and work there.

There is a beautiful world out there waiting for you to discover it.
Discover smart and inspirational stories of people and communities from around the world who are doing their part to make the world a better place. Become a Mobilized Collaborator in Creation. Sign up as a Partner here.

To do this, we abide by the following principles:

  • Mobilized is a collaborative media cooperative and is organized as a unique set of cooperative systems cooperating with and interacting with one another.
  • Each cooperative hub is cooperatively owned and maintained by the localized group and/or hub maintaining it.
  • Any forward-thinking non-violent constructive organization or association can maintain a hub of activity and is required to maintain their own hub.
  • All hubs can create and enable media creatrix sessions offline to create better together. Mobilized provides the infrastructure—the tools and system to enable this to occur;
  • Advertising cannot and will not have any impact on the heart and soul of the information shared;
    Commenting is permitted on all editorial stories, features and interviews and must be constructive.
  • There is to be no spamming, spam-bots or personal or organizational attacks on this platform in any way, shape, or form;
  • Our reporting and coverage is based on ethical treatment of all of humanity and the natural systems in our global ecosystems
  • While users of this platform may make others away of any inappropriate or unethical behavior, no one comment or criticism to any administrator or editorial team member can enable a user or member of this platform to be removed. The decision to remove a user or member is made by the editorial and publishing team in collaboration with their cooperative members
  • Anyone or any entity that does not honor the principles and code of conduct will be removed.
  • If this resonates with you, you can sign up as a collaborator in creation for FREE here.
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