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Empower your inner Einstein

For many years, people would travel around the world to go to global conferences that claimed to be making change. 

But most of these events were ineffective, weighing heavily on people and the planet, while only a small fraction of the information shared to be acted upon.

What if there was a better way, a more productive and efficient way to enable the conversation and ideas that lead to action? 

What if we could transform a traditional conference experience into an interactive and fully participatory experience? 

Imagine the progress that could be achieved when experts from the arts and sciences, health and wellness, media makers and earth shakers could actively participate in a new kind of experiential media event, one that is dedicated to whole system course correction (and not just sitting around the conference table, kicking the can a little further down the road?)

Imagine global conference focused real solutions that can be taken and activated NOW, and not talking about twenty or thirty years later!

Imagine a global conference transformed to an on-going fully participatory media hub filled with de-centralized activities—focusing on REAL SOLUTIONS instead of corporate greenwashing!

Imagine what we can achieve when we come together, synergistically for the health and the well-being of everyone!

Imagine what we can achieve when we get out of our silos and work together?

Imagine modeling a media platform like a holistic and organic ecosystem! An ecosystem whose parts all work together for the health and well-being of the whole system?

Imagine modeling and creating real working and living societies and communities that are built to last for the long term, and not just for investors quarterly reports!

Imagine an info-structure dedicated to inspiring and empowering our collective human potential?

Imagine an info-structure dedicated to Main Street, not Wall Street?

Imagine what we could created if we really wanted to?  We’ve always had the power and potential within us. It just needed to be organized better.  Welcome to an Info-Structure upgrade whose time is now.

Join us!

Be the Solution

“Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. IF we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
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