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Election Protection

Are our voting machines safe from hacking? Are our elections "safe"

Description: Unlike Canada, which has paper ballots counted in the presence of scrutineers, the United States has fallen prey to the corporate voting industry. It boasts of its free and fair elections; but even in Congress, official reports are pointing out massive suppression of voters, massive purging of voter rolls, alarming malfunction of election technology and vulnerability to hacking. Two courageous advocates explain who benefits from these problems and what is being attempted to rectify them. A positive example has been set by the state of Virginia.

Host(s): Sandina Robbins
Featured Speakers/Guests: Jennifer Cohn is an attorney investigating voting machines and other technology; Andrea Miller works to secure voting rights that should have been enshrined long ago, for people of color and for young voters.

Credits: Produced by Women Rising Radio, with recording and mixing assistance from Making Contact.
Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Host: Sandina Robbins
Audio Engineers: Emily Harris, Stephanie Welch
Making Contact Staff:
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Adaptation for WINGS: Frieda Werden
Music (excerpts):
Instrumental intro from “Democracy” by L. Cohen and America the Beautifiul” by Charlie Haden.

Source: WINGS (Womens International News Gathering Service)

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