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Educators are failing to educate climate education

Education must teach how all systems are interconnected and inter-dependent

Three millenial women from International Schule Berlin whose research project revealed just how screwed up climate education is in the developed world. In their survey of texts from different nations, the *least effective* supposed ‘climate solutions’ were presented the most often (recycling and changing light bulbs) and the single most effective means of reducing emissions (having one less child) was never mentioned *at all*. In fact, any of the important solutions that would offend any established industry (eating less meat, living without a car, avoiding non-essential flights) were seldom if ever mentioned. In short, our youth are being trained for ‘Business-As-Usual’ in a world that will be anything BUT usual. Current education is screwed up in more than just climate. But waking up at all to the problem will help.

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