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How the biggest corporations are ruining it for everyone else

"If you're not at the table, you're on the menu"

Tax Justice Network

In this month’s episode:

  • Much of the world is run on the basis of economic theories that have become accepted truths of our era. But they actually have very little evidence to back them up. This month, I speak to finance journalist and writer Tom Bergin on how economics ruins economies, and we put economists in the dock. Tom’s book, Free Lunch Thinking: how economics ruins the economy is available here.
  • Plus: which nations are the world’s worst offenders for helping multinational corporations pay less tax than they should? The results of the Tax Justice Network’s Corporate Tax Haven Index 2021 are out. Read more here.

Here’s the transcript of the show (may not be 100% accurate, some is automated)


The original blog post of this month’s Taxcast is available here.

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