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Donald Trump, Economic Terrorist



Well, it looks like Donald Trump is seeking to add another line to his resume.  In addition to being the greatest liar “the world has ever seen,” a racist, a white supremacist, a misogynist, a philanderer, a bully, a fat-bloated-orange-faced walking health anomaly, an impeached president and a closet traitor defining enemies as friends and disparaging our allies, he is now on the verge of becoming an economic terrorist.

What do I mean by that?

When a government’s military launches a targeted operation, whether it be conventional forces, special forces or unmanned drones, there will almost always be collateral damage—civilian casualties.  When a terrorist state launches a targeted strike it is knowingly aimed at inflicting civilian casualties.  It is the difference between these targets, and the unfortunate reality of collateral damage and targeted damage that defines nation states and terrorist states.

As the last few weeks have demonstrated, we have entered a new era, fighting a new kind of war against the coronavirus.  To date, the singular method available to reduce and eliminate the virus is social distancing and self-quarantine.  This method constitutes a targeted attack on the virus with the collateral damage being the economy. Last night, Trump stood before the nation without any dissenting or contradictory information, having eliminated Dr. Anthony Fauci from the press briefing, and stated that it was his intention to end social distancing and return to “normalcy.”  In so doing, he declared an attack on the collateral economic damage caused by the war on the virus, forsaking the health and mounting death-rate of the American people that will surely increase with a change in the target now aimed at the economy rather than the virus.

In any other reality that’s craziness, but here on 5th Avenue it’s looking more like genocide. What hardships and moral and ethical breaches the American people have tolerated to support Trump’s economy will soon fade from view with a mounting death toll.  Unlike past wars—Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan—this brings the war home and escalates losses by extending the duration of the war, and as Trump will soon learn, it’s not something the American people will tolerate whether on 5th Avenue or a muddy country lane.

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