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Digital Masturbation



If opinions are like assholes because everyone has one, than Twitter and Facebook are the Assholes of the Internet

This is a true Story © 2019 by Robert Marks

A society cannot function when it is kept in a constant state of ignorance.

His friend had Fifty Thousand online friends he never met.  They all post their likes and loves, comments and sharing of information.  

He wanted to see what all the fuss and excitement was all about.

Why everyone was talking about the great connector, the great enabler.
Something big was going on, or so people said.  And he wanted to know how to get into the action!

So he signed onto that website, you know, the one where everyone is linked in to everyone, and since there will millions of people looking to connect, it must be something extraordinary.

People were looking for jobs, for gigs, they were looking to promote their greatest ideas or quotes from the gurus of the day.

While it all looked fine from a distance, something seemed to be missing.  It had no Heart and Soul. While it all appeared to have the chips and dials, the zero’s and one’s all configured properly, and plenty of groups where people were able to show off the ego’s of their latest accomplishment, it was missing a very important human element….something so unique, it’s what separates us all from the digital diodes we’ve come to rally behind as the saviors of society.  For all the guru speak and people they praise to save them from the boredom they face yet refuse to acknowledge will never get them anywhere.  While they’re all quoting Gandhi and Branson, Chopra and Orwell, one wonders who would Gandhi or Branson quote?

He would create an experiment. And his formula was simple:

He created a false profile of a person that did not exist.

This non-existing person would have a biography that also didn’t really exist.

To make the profile look legit, the profile added a few people that he already had some sort of knowledge of and then went to work. He would post stories that made no sense, he would add friends he did not know.  He would join groups.  It was an experiment in insanity.

Here’s what happened over the course of the one year experiment:

1.     He acquired well over 2,000 friends he never met
2.    He received 900 endorsements for skills he did not possess. Afterall, how could he possess them when he didn’t really exist?
3.    He received several hundred requests to like the business cards of others he did not know but were in his circle of friends.
4.    He would promote real events to the groups he was in, but with the knowledge that he didn’t really exist and the events actually did exist, he saw no traction in any of the postings he made
5.    He questioned the reality of it all, found it all to be a waste of time, and deleted his profile.

Which leads to the following questions:

1.    How can we create an Internet that works for us all
2.    How can we utilize our real personal connections to enable the real growth of great ideas, instead of the public sharing of gossip and chatter which doesn’t do anything other than enable gossip and propaganda websites to attract more advertising revenue.
3.    If a performing artist posts all of their music on various websites, how can they expect to earn any money from their actions?
4.    What must we create to create systems that thrive, sustainable systems and an Internet for public good.
5.    How can we really use the Internet to be of service to others, instead of the “dot-communists,” shareholders and CEO’s that have become Billionaires off the slave wages of others?


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