Diabetes And Net Zero


It might be helpful to consider global warming a self-inflicted planetary disease, much as we know type-2 diabetes to be a self-inflicted human disease.  Many human diseases are self-inflicted, most by way of poor diet or lack of exercise.  Type-2 diabetes is one such disease.  The prescription for type-2 diabetes is self-management, a change in diet to eliminate the source of the problem, high levels of blood sugars. But when a professional is consulted, perhaps their personal primary practitioner or an endocrinologist, medications will be prescribed for the patient to ameliorate the potential damage of continued neglect, prescriptions like Metformin, Glipizide, Januvia, Farxiga or Jardiance.

By Michael Caporale


Patients are dispensed to their own supervision for a period of time and then return a few months later to have their blood monitored for changes in  A1C.  The object of this exercise is to reduce A1C levels to a minimum of 7 and preferably below.


Human nature is predictable and easily understood.  Deprived of all the foods that comprise an exciting diet array for a healthy person, foods high in carbohydrates like potatoes or pasta, and deserts with high levels of sugar,  the diabetic soon begins slacking off and the A1C lab reading rises.  The doctor sees this and adds another prescription to the mix to bring the lab results back down to 7 or below but the patient sees this as a means to continue to violate the prescribed diet, while remaining at 7. Each added prescription allows the patient to eat larger portions of foods high in the toxin, sugar, while maintaining a passable A1C reading without change.  In this scenario, the doctor becomes the unwitting enabler. The patient is effectively maintaining an A1C reading of net zero, neither up or down from the previous reading.


The effect of each prescription allows for an offset, a change in diet for the worse, and no advancement is made in the management of the disease.  Rather it is stimulated to continue at full volume.


It works the same way for climate change, global warming.


In their current national broadcast ad, Cisco brags that they expect to achieve net-zero by 2040.  Oil giants Shell and BP are less optimistic and expect to achieve net-zero by 2050.  Not only is this too late, but it misleads the public to believe that net-zero is the goal, that net-zero is the way to mitigate the effects of climate change. It is not.  It is merely a deviant system that allows for pollution to the degree it is offset by clean air measures.  In other words, their current levels of pollution will continue for twenty or thirty years until they achieve net-zero, and from that point forward there will be no change.  Quite obviously, if understood in this way, any rational person can see that climate change will be allowed to worsen to the point of no return.


If the COP26 Summit (the 26th Conference Of the Parties) in Glasgow, Scotland beginning Sunday, October 31st, produces any results at all, look for the qualifying language of net-zero to be inserted.  It is the tell-tale sign that treaties and agreements are under the management of the polluters and not the people or the planet slowly dying at their hands.



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