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Democracy’s Messy



It’s a popular refrain that you will hear echoed by either side of a political issue or argument, but what does it mean?  Let’s start by recognizing that the American electorate is an imperfect body of largely misinformed, emotionally motivated voters, bridging a chasm of religious beliefs with a limited understanding of the basic rights provided by the Constitution.  Follow that with apathy and cynicism that results in low voter turnout and you have a recipe for specious, skewed results in any election.

An election is deemed to be the will of the people but with such a large number of potential voters declining to participate in the process and the balance so influenced by the will of the media they choose to follow, or a rigid belief system they have succumbed to, can we truly say that election outcomes are the will of the people, all or just enough of the people, or is it more like the will of the marketing media dollars spent, and loud-mouthed media advocates embracing their own form of truth, an alternate reality?  Or… for the true believers, is it God’s will? Thy will be done, and so it is.  Yes, democracy is messy, but it would be foolhardy to believe that it never results in mistakes.

Lacking an argument against impeachment based on the facts of the case and having retreated to the losing complaint that the process is flawed, the Republican strategy is to appeal to the will of the people once more to decide the outcome of Trump’s presidency, as if the people, by exercising their rights, produce flawless outcomes, outcomes that are fair and just, wise and proper. 

But what if the electorate makes a mistake?  Cannot they do so?  How can a mistake be remedied? 

Constitutionally, the remedy provided by the founders of our great nation is impeachment.  Now that Donald Trump has finally been impeached, we are waking to the realization that impeachment without removal from office is just a toothless slur and a footnote in the pages of history of a President forever disgraced. Unlike Bill Clinton, who bent his ego to the pragmatic choice he faced, Donald Trump’s raging narcissism will not allow him any peace and thus, may inflict the only punishment that he will ever face.

Personally, I would have preferred that Bill Clinton had been removed from office.  Al Gore would have become President and climate change remedies would have begun in earnest.  Gore would probably have been re-elected and the course of our nation would have been put back on track with a man of integrity and vision.

But alas, that is all in the past and we are in the age of Trump, who dangles in the balance waiting to be acquitted by the GOP senators he manipulates through a fear of re-election in defiance of his will and without his support. 

Anyone who has regularly watched Bill Marer on HBO’s “Realtime” has heard him rail against the Democrats as being “pussies.”  He knows that the Republicans will always play hardball and do whatever is necessary to win their objective.  Mitch McConnell is the prime example of this strategy, denying Obama a hearing on his Supreme Court nomination.  Ethically unfair but legal, he and his Republican comrades know the rules and use them to their advantage.  Follow that with the shoe-horned fitting of Brett Kavanaugh into the High Court and, well you understand how this all works.  It’s a winning numbers game if you control the numbers.

So I have to think that Nancy Pelosi has taken Bill Marer’s advice to heart. She’s using the rules to her advantage and there is nothing that Mitch can do about it.  Trump can complain tirelessly, but that only betrays his weakness.  His ego is his vulnerability. 

Let’s take a reality check on the situation.  Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham have already stated that they will take direction from Trump and his lawyers, when acting as jurors, who in defiance of the oath they will necessarily take, have already committed to a ruling in favor of the defendant without so much as a hearing that would include witnesses or evidence.  They can do this with impunity because there are no rules to the contrary.

So, it pleases me no end to hear them whine and complain about Pelosi’s decision to hold the articles of impeachment, there being no rule to the contrary. She knows that she will never get a fair trial.  Perhaps she just wants the American people to hear the witnesses who defied the house subpoenas.  Nevertheless, the fix is in, witnesses or not, so my hope is that she never delivers the articles of impeachment and Donald Trump will never be acquitted. 

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