Shall we continue to allow a campaign of outrageous name calling and explicit lies to dominate our national conversation? 

Crazytown, that’s what John Kelly called the Whitehouse after he resigned his appointment as Trump’s Chief of Staff.  Was this just the rebuke of a bitter staffer pushed out of office or does Kelly’s characterization carry real weight?  Who are we to believe? Could it be the seventeen US intelligence agencies or Trump and his Russian compatriots?  Do we trust the thousands of climate scientists or Donald Trump’s personal assessment of weather?  Can we believe the established media journals and hundreds of investigative reporters, media like the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, or should we put faith in Trump’s litany of daily tweets? How about the thousand or so Attorneys General who decry Trump’s manipulation of the justice department? Where does it end?  How big do the lists have to be, how many lists do we need, before we join John Kelly in recognizing that the Trump administration has established Crazytown in the Whitehouse?


How demented is this… how crazy must crazy become before we acknowledge it?  Before Kirsten Nielsen left office Trump advised her to shoot migrants crossing into the United States from the air using drones.  When she told him that was illegal, he suggested shooting them in the legs.  Again, illegal.  So, ratcheting it up Trump suggested digging a trench along the border and filling it with water and snakes and alligators, this alongside an electrified fence with flesh piercing spikes atop it.  What test of mental fitness need be applied here?  How rabid must this dog get before we put him down?


Shall we continue to allow a campaign of outrageous name calling and explicit lies to dominate our national conversation?  Trump said today that Adam Schiff was not fit to carry Pompeo’s jock strap.  Where does this moron get this crap?  Does he make it up on his own or does somebody feed it to him?  I think you know the answer. Is this how respected officials litigate the issues of the day?  No, but then Trump is not a respected official. He’s an “elected” official and he seems to think that gives him super-legal powers to do as he pleases and say anything at all, rules, regulations, laws and established procedures be damned.


And it’s not bad enough that Trump is crazy as a loon, but he’s infected others with his virus, Rudy Giuliani a prime example.  After stating that he took it upon himself as a private citizen to look into the Bidens and the Ukraine, he later said it was with the authorization of the State Department, then as the heat around him intensified he fled to the cover of attorney client privilege, and failing that test tried to claim executive privilege. Trouble is he already claimed to be acting alone, not at the direction of a client or as a lawyer or as an advisor to the President.  After denying discussing Biden with the Ukraine, in an interview with Chris Cuomo he abruptly turned and admitted that he in fact did discuss that topic, only a scant few sentence later.  These guys can’t even remember what they said only a few seconds ago. How crazy is that?


It would seem that Nancy Reagan was just a few decades early in her advice to just say “no.”  This has become the accepted strategy of the Trump proxies.  When a witness like Corey Lewendowski can refuse to answer questions on grounds he is not entitled to and he is allowed go get away with it, then Congress has become an enabler to Crazytown.  Witnesses such as he, should be jailed  as should those who defy subpoenas.  There needs to be enforcement if we are to place trust in our system of justice and not be governed by Crazytown.