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Cooperation, not Competion—is our best way forward

Humanity is Cooperative

A New Vision
As we enter into the final year of the second decade of the new Millennium, the consensus of most scientists, worldwide is that within one or two generations Life on
Earth may no longer be viable, unless humanity can change direction very sharply.

Planet Co-op is a new U.K. based project, , built and designed to signpost some of the learning, actions and initiatives that you and your community can take to start combating Climate Change, loss of Biodiversity and Sea Level rise.

All these are the result of Corporate takeover of human activities, a little like a systemic parasite takes over an organism and hijacks its for its own nutrition, warmth, shelter and excretion.

The problem with modern living is that we are used to everything being provided either by the State, its Agencies or Enterprise. Few amongst us living in towns and cities today are capable of growing our own food, building our own homes, generating our own electricity, making our own medicines of taking care of our own health, transport ourselves and our stuff or disposing of our own wastes. In other words, we have adapted to being Hosts.

This has left Corporations free to charge what they see fit to produce these commodities, provide these services and utilities. There would be nothing wrong with
that, except that Corporations have become giant parasites, more powerful than National Governments and even International organisations like the United Nations.
Planet Co-op aims to show people the way to start claiming back our world by peaceful, constructive, co-operative action.It aims to secure for ourselves our food, homes, energy and transport, deal directly with, and support, those who produce the things we need and ensuring all the circle of supply and demand is cleaned-up, removing toxic fossil extracts from the circle, wherever possible, be it fuels, plastics, lubricants or whatever

Planet Coop

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