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“We already possess the wisdom and knowledge, the tools and technology,
the desire and dedication to solve most of our existing problems while
preventing new ones from emerging. When you seek the root cause,
creating a better system becomes clearly necessary.”

–Stephen  Jay, Mobilized Co-Founder Contributor Guidelines

Mobilized is building a collaborative multimedia network and platform for human potential. We are collaborators in creation. We are building the world’s first globally interdependent decentralized collaborative network. Constructed for our individual and collective potential to overcome our misunderstandings. Aiming to discover better ways to co-exist in the world peacefully, through open knowledge and the collaborative creation of our membership.

Mobilized is a constructive-solutions collaborative production cooperative. While the world we live in presents unique challenges and opportunities for every individual and nation, our current media and government infrastructures are slow to adjust to the changes—and the immediate dangers we face by not taking various warnings seriously. The survival of humanity requires a refreshing perspective based on the wisdom and counsel of the wise ones.

For your author profile:

Provide the following to your editor: Submit a unique email address that will be used by the author (or publicist) to log into our content-management-system account. If you are a publicist who represents multiple people who write for us, we will need a different email address for each individual.  What to anticipate after you submit to Mobilized.

  1. Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, contributors should expect to receive a response within 1 week.
  2. If the article is accepted, we will provide you with a link to the published story.
  3. Some Accepted articles will likely require revisions. 
  4. You will receive an email alert when your feature runs.

We would like each individual submitting to have their own unique style and never compromise on their unique creative flow.  It is important, however, to make sure that all submissions have certain ethical guidelines and principles.

What we look for:

Story Length: Pieces typically run about 500 to 800 words, though longer is also acceptable.

Topics: We are here to inspire, inform, educate and empower.  We are looking for the type of stories that enlighten and give insight to what’s working while providing actions that people can take on their own, to create solutions.

Whole System Thinking: Your computer is a system.  Your body is a system. Your government is a system.  Your community is a system. Your car is a system. And Your body is a unique system of systems where all parts are constantly working with each other for the health of the organism. When systems, structure and principles are out of balance, we have disease.  We currently have many diseased systems in our world that cannot be fixed. Therefore, to solve our problems while preventing new ones from emerging, it is essential to have Whole System Thinking in mind.

Unique + Perspectives: We seek stories that advance humanity forward, whether it’s an announcement of the latest of discoveries that enable for better health and well-being, or an inspirational life-changing story, we want our stories to bring people together to create a more amazing experience. Be sure that you are offering a unique concept, idea or perspective.

Evidence-based: Make sure the stories have verifiable proof. If it’s an announcement of a scientific breakthrough, it is important to provide the links, attesting to the breakthrough; if it’s a story about a solution that offers enlightened optimism, also provide links to the evidence behind the new opportunity and lets not just putting down an existing paradigm; show how this new paradigm affects others.

Make it personal: What led you to this breakthrough? How has this story affected your family, friends and/or peers? What problems did you overcome? What is the perspectives, unique to you, only you can provide. Offer these germs of wisdom, tell that story. What are some of the problems you have overcome? What makes your project, idea or initiative different from others, and how does that bring about the Solutions the world needs today?

Look to current events: Every day we are experiencing evolutionary changes that require our focused attention to bring society to realize that it is transforming. It is up to the citizens of this planet to make the choices, for a world we all want to live in. We can continue to live in a world enslaved to constant debt and violence—or we can co-create systems of service that serve us. While an event or change in a business might inspire you to write a story, any change might impact current lifestyle or business practices and therefore, we must be prepared to accept and deal with all the myriad of these changes.

Mobilizing action: Some of the greatest solutions are right in front of our eyes. We seek stories that offer actions or takeaways that can easily be put into practice. These actions or tips should be put into a numbered action plan, so individuals and groups can take action with the best knowledge in hand, as soon as possible. This knowledge should be easy to understand while exciting the reader’s senses. Don’t distract or insult the reader/s. Instead enable them to have a realization or an epiphany that has them claiming the action, taking personal responsibility, making the project and Solution their ‘own’.

Trustworthy sources: It’s important to provide clarity and verifiable links about and to all your sources. While Wikipedia is a crowdsourced information site, it is not always the most reliable

information. Provide links to credible websites and other sources that backup your claims, and statements of information and discussed topics.

This is a carefully moderated community. We will notify you if you are not following site policies. On some occasions we will remove content first and alert you afterward. Please be respectful to our moderators and understand that their job is to keep the good of the community in mind at all times.

To avoid moderation please be:

Respectful: The global MOBILIZED community celebrates our diversity as well as our uniqueness and respects our different beliefs and cultures.  Please listen clearly to the wisdom and opinions of others. If, by chance, they are different from your own, please respect their rights to a difference of opinion.

Looking forward: As a constructive solutions network, we encourage our collaborators to create and share stories that encourage and inspire a better way forward. This can be done by clearly demonstrating and articulating the root cause of an existing or future problem, and then looking through the lens of possibility to create a sustainable service-to-solution action.

Lost in Translation, Overcoming Misunderstandings: With such a diverse community, content can be misinterpreted or its meaning can get lost in translation. Please be open and understanding with respect to cultures and/or communities who may have a different perspective than you do.

If you see something that you feel warrants our attention, please let us know as soon as possible. But also be patient with our ability to respond as well and quickly as we can.

Mobilized is a work in progress: We are building a collaborative multimedia network and platform for human potential. We are collaborators in creation. We are building the world’s first globally interdependent decentralized collaborative network. Constructed for our individual and collective potential to overcome our misunderstandings. Aiming to discover better ways to co-exist in the world peacefully, through open knowledge and the collaborative creation of our membership.

Be Positively Passionate: You share the stuff you love. Please utilize Mobilized to share your passions and not to complain or share your frustrations about something or someone you do not like. If you see a true problem we want your viable solution driven content.

No hate speech, no gossip, no commenting, no kidding: Refrain from posting content that promotes unethical or illegal activities, is hateful, gossipy or is off-topic. We do not permit any hate speech or gossip of any sort. It will be removed.

Be Yourself: Created as a collaborative cooperative experiential media network, we believe in the importance of experiential media and the wisdom and knowledge secured through these impactful connections that they bring about. It is essential to be yourself, this inspiration brings people in, to share and co-create their experiences in an effective way. Eliminating walls and barriers, shepherding the audience that much closer to you–and your story.

If, by chance, you are just looking to promote your business and drive traffic to your website or have other motives that are in opposition to Mobilized standards and values, we will have your content removed. 

We need your help! If you notice abuse of any of the guidelines please contact us here

Through the lens of possibility: Show how a new way can enable better. Show evidence.  If it’s in theory, link to the origin of the theory. When quoting someone else or another story, provide a hyperlink to that story. Weave the threads of your story to the stories of us all, and those who came before, with knowledge wisdom and  trust.

Forward thinking / Honest: Be yourself. If you are posting in association with an existing business, website or blog, please disclose that connection on your story page. Integrity matters, your integrity has the power to build connections. Connections create Solutions. 


And don’t forget to have fun! Before submitting, here are some action steps to take: 

  • Proofread  your article. Sloppy work won’t be accepted by our editors. If your piece is riddled with typos and/or factual errors, it will not be accepted.
  • Provide a link to your sources. If you quote someone or cite a statistic, link out to your source. This will help readers learn more about a topic and bolster your writing. Additionally, not having these links could slow the publication of your article. Don’t expect Mobilized editors to do your legwork for you. Please link to the original source.
  • If you interview someone, please say so in the piece, and add appropriate credits. Your editor and the reader will want to know that you have conducted original reporting, it creates integrity and intimacy with our readers.
  • Disclose any financial relationships. Please acknowledge financial relationships, if any exist, with the companies or individuals you write about or link to. This disclosure is very important to us and our readers. Violating this rule could lead to your article being removed from the site or the end of your ability to contribute to the site. If you have questions, please talk to your editor.
  • You cannot receive money from a business or person in exchange for writing about them. It is also against our policy for contributors to sell links in their articles to people or companies. Contributors found to be violating these policies will be barred from publishing in our network.
  • Support your argument with multiple examples: Prove your argument. Please use more than just one example (of a company, study, entrepreneur, etc.) to illustrate any point you make. We tend NOT to accept articles about a single person or company, unless that person or company is very well-known (e.g. Bill Gates or Apple).
  • Tell us if it’s timely. Articles with a time peg can move through the queue more quickly. If there is a time peg (a Christmas piece, for example), put a note to that effect on the subject line so an editor can see that more easily.
  • Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional. Mentions of your company, book or skill set should be used to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. The effect should serve to educate, not advertise. Articles that excessively promote your brand, company or product likely won’t be published. Excessive links to your products or initiatives will likely be deleted. (One or two links are fine. 10 are not.)
  • Journalists, Bloggers, Media Makers and Local Businesses: Our first priority is to help people discover better ways of living, working, playing and co-existing together.  People will look for storytellers and initiatives that resonate with their core principles. Make your stories exciting. Local businesses and bloggers are encouraged to join the community of solution providers: provided that they strictly adhere to our following principles and guidelines:
  1. Do not promote your business directly: We do not allow unpaid business promotions on Mobilized Digital.
  2. Use Mobilized as an individual: Every account represents an individual and that individual/s personal opinions. We encourage you to sign up and use the site as other travelers do. Use your real name, and in your profile you can explain your blog or business in the “What I Do” section.
  3. Be transparent: State your affiliations and interests on your profile; use your real name, state your roles and relationships. Your honesty will build trust in the community, and in turn, you will have the opportunity to interact with travelers.
  4. No blog steering, add value: Do not simply steer people to your blog/writing. The content you post needs to add value to the conversation and stand alone in the context of the Highlight. If you simply post a link or reference to your site the content will be removed.
  5. Repurpose content: If you would like to post something related to what you have written, please summarize your writing and include further insights. Only if you have done this you may include a link to the original post in your Highlight description or answer.
  6. Journalists: You may find our community very useful for researching stories, but if you find details you use in a story, per standard journalistic courtesy, please credit us and the traveler or travelers that helped you.


You and the Mobilized community: Take advantage of the opportunity to share your travel experiences, reveal hidden local gems, and connect with individuals from around the world. Especially sharing how to be a creatively conscientious, ecologically aware traveler.

  • Protect your privacy and yourself: Safety first! What you publish is public and widely accessible, so consider your content carefully. 
  • Share who you are: Sharing information about yourself on your profile will help connect with other members and let you get the most out of your Mobilized Digital experience.
  • Be honest: Provide accurate and complete information about yourself.
  • Place Page Guidelines:  Use Place Pages to save, share, and discover memorable locations and experiences.
  • Your photos: Due to copyright and property issues only use photos you’ve taken.
  • Specific locations: Use business names, street address, neighborhoods–even latitude & longitude. Travelers want to find these places and have these experiences! Help them out by giving very specific locations.
  • Meaningful descriptions: Share unique, inspirational, and helpful details such as cultural insights, logistical tips, and friendly advice. They are much like online bookmarks to offline experiences—moments you’re saving for yourself and places you’re recommending to travelers.
  • Write in English: Because all descriptions about the same location are rolled up into a single Place Page, and to ensure consistency across the site, all descriptions must be written in English.

We need your help! If you notice abuse of any of the guidelines please email us at:


There’s a lot to process here, so here’s the most current  version:

  • In the Pursuit of Excellence: We’re looking for great ideas that advance humanity forward without hurting anyone including our biosphere, ecosystem as well and especially all things living on our home;  Earth.
  • Quality Control; No Compromising on editorial quality:  You cannot accept payment for mentioning a person or business in an article. If you have a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies you mention, that must be disclosed in the article.
  • If you’re serious about contributing: Please read through the mission statement and ethical principles in their entirety before submitting an article.
  • When referring to a source or evidence indicated elsewhere: Provide a hyperlink to the source and/or evidence. You can do so at the bottom of your submission, or on the website story generator.
  • Action Steps: When discussing a solution, please provide the action steps needed to enable the referenced solutions.
  • If you are submitting an opinion piece: It must be placed in the Category called “Editorials.” All Editorial features are reviewed before they are published.
  • A Body of Evidence: Submissions will be grounded in evidedentury and sound scientific proof.
  • Attributions: If supplying a story, please provide necessary attributions to the source of that story.
  • Editorial Civility and NonViolence: In order to maintain editorial civility, we have disabled the ability to post comments on all editorial content.
  • Group Content and Ownership of Content: All projects created in Mobilized Groups are owned by the authors and communities who create them. For new projects, the terms are set by the communities themselves. Mobilized claims no ownership to copyright other than what Mobilized itself creates or produces. Groups themselves, who set the terms of each individual group.


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