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We are in this together

Going from Inaction to Action:  We are living in the Age of Consequences, the consequences of the previous failures to act and see the warnings that were written by failed actions. Some people see the web as a network of computers. We see the Web as a Network of PEOPLE working better together. To do this, a team of inventors, creative alchemists, show producers, progressive media executives and concerned individuals have come together to create this decentralized platform, a network Inspired by Nature and empowered by Passionate People working together, learning from one another, and building a better tomorrow together. If this sounds like you, then we want to know you. Understand the Mobilized Ecosystem here. Our Existing Projects. Start a Project or Join a project.


      • Imagine this:


  • We are collaborators in creation.
  • If you haven’t signed up yet, you will need to sign up here to submit editorial content and event information. We all follow a Code of Ethical Principles.
  • We review new memberships twice a day.
  • We also review all editorial submissions twice per day.
  • To insure quality control, consistency, adherence to our Code of Ethical Principles and Terms of Service, we review editorial content submitted.
  • To become an active part of the platform, you will need to be part of the community. You can sign up for FREE Membership here.
  • If you have forgotten your user name or passcode, the system allows you to request a new one. We will never share your private information and the Administrative staff has no access to your passcode. Memberships are generally activated within 24 hours of application.
  • Once you sign in with your username and passcode, you will be taken to your communications Dashboard (on the left side of your computer screen.) You will see a Video Tutorials link on your Dashboard.
  • Please review these Video Tutorials to make sure you understand how you can post and edit content and approved images.
  • Members have the ability to create new events and promote tutorials.
  • All posts feature Social Sharing tabs. You can share your posts (and the posts of Network members) by clicking the Social Sharing tabs.


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