Consolamini doloribus, adfligunt comfortable

Together, we can move mountains.

Hello and welcome to my wee corner of the internet.  After a few years of posting about politics on the Facey-book, I have bowed to repeated requests.  The Weekly Recaps that come out every Sunday, and occasional historical essays about politics will now be supplemented by this blog.

So, if you are a teen, younger person, or merely someone who needs Context about current events, or links to back up your arguments with Deniers, you can check out the Weekly Recaps.  If you want to know more about what our nation did the last few times we got into a pickle, take some time for the longer Notes.  And if you want a little bit of those and a whole lot more, this site will be where to go.  Any way ya slice it, I’ve got ya covered.

Why would I do all this?  Simple, really.  Have had some incredible luck in a very long life.  Now; my job is to, as the saying goes, “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable”.  We have a great deal of work to do, to both save the planet’s ecosystem and remove all these autocratic leaders worldwide.  I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for street protests, and so I can best help out by educating folks and helping shoot down the internet trolls who work so hard to impede progress.

I am not, NOT, trying to change anyone’s minds.  I don’t recommend that you try that either.  There are plenty of folks around who do not currently have an opinion on the scandals of the day – but they do have questions.  As well; there are plenty who know exactly what the problems are but don’t know how to overcome them.  These two constituencies are our folks.  These folks, together with those already in the fray, can defeat the GOP, the Oligarchs, and the Haters.  We don’t need to pound our heads against a wall trying to convert those who do not wish to be converted.

Mobilized is all about sharing information and creating opportunities.  My hope is that by blogging here, I can assist in those goals.  To begin I’m reposting some older essays from 2002-2018, and in short order new content will be arriving on a regular basis.  Thank you for reading, and sharing as needed.

Together, we can move mountains.

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