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It is time for the passionate to come out to play.

If you want to change the world you need to change the story.

Finally, a real network dedicated to the health and well being Of all life.

Welcome to media the way it should be. Collaborative and cooperative, solutions focused. Clarity above all. Facts not fiction. Access for all no matter where in the world you live.


Our Vision:

A world where everyone has access to wisdom for quality of life in balance with the natural world. Inspired by nature, powered by passion and empowered by imagination, we are dedicated to building the bridges between media makers and earth shakers so we can enable the most powerful natural resource, a well informed public.

Collaboration makes perfect.

To do this, We invite experts and artists, media makers and earth shakers into an international ecosystem of opportunity, where we can all learn from one another with a common goal, ultimate personal and planetary health for the 21st-century and beyond.


When it comes to real world solutions for the health of people and planet,  creating the future must be a collaborative effort.

The urgency and scale of our biggest problems requires cooperation, not working in silos. We believe that the most valuable natural resource of them all is well informed citizenry. But many times big business and economics get in the way.

We’re on a mission to reinvigorate media at the local level to empower communities to take back control of their communities health and well-being

The Mission of

An empowered world where everyone has full access to the wisdom they need for real-world systems, services and policies that serve and protect all life, including the life of our planet.


Why We Exist

We’re on a mission to radically improve how people access evidence-based knowledge in order to prevent continual crises, empower ultimate health while empowering global collaboration on an epic scale.

The events of the past two years has shown with clarity the connection of planet health and human health, the connection of communications and information, political action and political, systematic failure.

It has also made it obvious that, as Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve our  problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

To create real systematic change, we need to first examine the connection of all systems and all life, and then, build the systems that truly serve us all.

Einstein also said “Mankind must follow the laws of nature, or we will not survive.”   The changes we must make are not about financial band-aid solutions, but instead, a careful re-think and re-set of interconnected systems. A web of life for all life.   The hard truth is this about real systemic change and restructuring the global economy.”

Systematic change isn’t hard. It requires a new perspective.

We reveal an Entirely Different Perspective

Instead of repeating the past over and over again, we learn from the world’s greatest network, Nature. And then we create the systems, services and principles that nature has already proven to work effectively, efficiently and synergistically.  For example:


Problem: Walls Barriers, Paywalls and inefficient Conferences

Our existing systems make it difficult to impossible for the wisdom needed to solve problems from accelerating. Bureaucratic silos, corporate take-overs of public systems have destroyed public systems making them inefficient, ineffective, keeping control at the top of the pyramid instead of communicating to all levels at all times.

Solution: Open Access for All, Evidence-based wisdom, Clarity above all

While most systems put up walls and barriers, we have eliminated them entirely.  We provide a front row seat for all who wish to participate, media makers, earth shakers, artists, scientists, policymakers and community leaders. To do this, we transform a traditional conference or exposition into an on-going multimedia network built for speed, for Generation Now.


Media and Communications

Problem: Information Overload, Controlled by Corporations that put profits before the health and well-being of the people, consolidation, globalization and centralized control.

As technology increases at lightning speeds, we have become blinded  by the information overload that’s being tossed at us every day.  While it has numbed many of us, some people don’t know who or that to trust, causing distrust, fear, chaos and violence around the world.

Solution: Clarity and Solutions-Focused Media by restoring power to the communities by enabling real community, people-empowered media.

Thanks to the on-going collaboration with pioneers of a new economy, we have established a hands-on solutions-focused portal so people can discover what’s working in other parts of the world while finding ways to bring solutions into their communities. Show the world with easy to understand evidence-based knowledge.



Problem: You cannot have a economic system based on the myth of perpetual growth

Our contemporary systems are based on the failure of neoliberal systems of perpetual growth. One cannot constantly grow on a planet that is not growing in size.

Solution: Ecologic Economics

Learning from natural systems. As innovator and architect R. Buckminster said: “Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. IF we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.”


Problem: Systems moving too fast, creating a blurred vision

As technology moves at lightning speeds, many projects become obsolete and disposable, some before they’re even launched. While disruption is good, disruption without changing the core principle of the system fails us.

Solution: Building for Change, Building for the Long Term

Building sustainable products from the very foundation of concept. Whether it’s building homes and workplaces that work with the natural world, or systems that add to the quality of life without hurting the natural world, there are many people already working on solutions.  These solutions must be amplified.



Problem: Reactive


We are suffering from flawed design and an economy of sick care, not true health care.  Many doctors know about disease but not about preventing illness.

Solution: Proactive:

To work towards quality of life and well-being for all life, we must look at life through the lens of a holistic organism.  By revealing life in our world as one large organism of systems that works in synergy together, we can prevent problems before they emerge.

© and Steven Jay, it’s Co-Founder



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