Chris Hedges and “The Greatest Evil is War”

This week’s Project Censored show presents excerpts from a talk by author Chris Hedges about his new book,”  The Greatest Evil Is War.”

  • The book is based on dozens of interviews with families of soldiers, wounded veterans, and civilian survivors of conflict.
  • It depicts both the carnage of the battlefield and the psychological scars that remain long after the fighting, for both veterans and families.
  • Hedges also addressed a variety of related issues, including the corporate media’s disparate treatment of “worthy” and “unworthy” victims.

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist with a long career as a foreign correspondent around the world, including conflict zones like Iraq and the Balkans. His books include “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning,” “Death of the Liberal Class,” and “America: The Farewell Tour.” Hedges spoke in Berkeley, CA on September 26, hosted by Mickey Huff and sponsored by Project Censored and KPFA radio.