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Cheerleaders with Glass Slippers



Every action, every word, every expression made by a person in the public spotlight will have consequences, both predictable and unintended. A leader of a nation, candidates for leadership and their surrogates must all reflect carefully on what they say before issuing statements influencing policy that may mutate to take on a life of its own.

By Michael Caporale

Whether Trump actually supports such ideas, whether Bannon is a closet Nazi or whether their team relishes the support of fringe alt-right groups or not, it must be realized that the rhetoric of their campaign and the management of the transition cannot be pivoted into a unifying message of hope, absent of fear. Rather it has given rise to other voices previously silent in the chains of political correctness, but now unashamedly public. It has changed the climate and like hateful things said in an argument, they cannot be retracted once spoken, especially in this age of electronic media where everything is recorded for posterity. It is arrogant to think otherwise.


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