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Cheaters Never “Win”


A card shark travels to Vegas and sits down in a casino to play poker.  Being an experienced cheat he wins big and continues to win.  Now should he be discovered and caught, what do you think would happen to his winnings?  Does he get to keep them?  I think you know the answer to that. The Casino would take them back.  Cheaters are not entitled to keep their ill-gotten gains.

When it is finally confirmed that Donald Trump cheated to win the 2016 election, we must ask ourselves, “did he really win?”  If he cheated to win the presidency, was he truly “elected to that office?”  Is he entitled to all that the office has to offer by way of power and influence, decisions, and agreements?  Any reasonable person would have to say “no.”  If he cheated to be elected then he was not truly elected and therefore has not been the president during the entire time from the inauguration until the day he is removed from office.  He has been a Faux-President not a legally elected President. While certainly there has been corruption in previous elections, smear tactics and foul play, none have risen to these proportions by way of his treasonous methods and alliances.

If we agree that cheaters are not entitled to keep their spoils and that Donald Trump was not fairly elected, then we must call into account the legitimacy of all his actions and policies during his administration as illegal.  Every single policy needs to be reversed.  Every executive order killed.  Every appointment terminated.  And without doubt, all Supreme Court nominations voided. The winnings of a cheater must be returned to “the house.”

Every expense he has taken from the taxpayers needs to be repaid… all the secret service protection, all the travel expense on Air Force One, and on and on.  These are privileges he was not entitled to by way of cheating.  They should be repaid.  Ah, but there is no precedent for that, no protocol to follow.

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When that day comes, and it will, will we have the courage to demand justice or will we wither under the pressure to not be seen as a failed democracy?   Are we willing to suffer the next 40 years in the shadow of his appointments to the Supreme Court, his policies on health care, taxation, the environment, education and the notion that a narrow religious ideology can pre-empt basic human rights?

This is where the game gets very tough.  The Dems are boxed in by their own wish to return to power and are immobilized with the fear of GOP criticism at making the wrong move (which is any move.) I heard an idea floated today on the news.  If the Dems didn’t show up to work and the Senate did not have a quorum, then there could not be a vote on a Trump SCOTUS appointment. They would need to keep that up for months and the heat would rise above anything we have ever seen.  It would be extreme.  The fear that it would turn the midterm elections against them would be ever-present, but this would be an act of courage and faith that the American people would have their backs.  I just hope somebody is listening.  This is radical stuff, the kind of fight required when backed into a corner.

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