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Live and Interactive Solutions Media, from around the world into your home or office.

An Evolution in Service, Inspired by Nature, Powered by Passionate People and Empowered by Imagination.

We believe that the greatest natural resource is a well-informed citizen. But for too many years, most of the access to information has been limited to only only those who could afford the cost to access. To amplify the wisdom into action for ultimate personal and planetary health and well-being, We the People EVERYWHERE need access to this wisdom so that we can accelerate it and put it into practice.

The Walls Between Us Have Been Removed. JOIN US

Media by the People, For the People (And the Planet)

The greatest natural resource is a well-informed public.

We are here to inspire, empower, inform, educate, advance, and foster great ideas that have stood the test of time. To unite people in Solidarity for the health and well-being of ALL LIFE while understanding the root causes of some of our ongoing crises while addressing and solving some of the biggest challenges.

Out of Chaos comes Creation.

Mobilized is a new kind of media platform for a new type of world.

Through Daily media events, “The Daily Do-It” and our flagship Television Series, ( “ on Free Speech TV) we seek to unite people towards equilibrium so that we can collaboratively set our sails on a better way forward.  

We invite conscious creatives, artists and scientists, media makers, and earth-shakers to become collaborators in Creation and share their wisdom across the borders of perception so that together, we can create and enable more health and well-being for our planetary coExistence.



Not in 2030. Not in 2050. Now.

Mobilized is a central hub for decentralized collaboration, a platform for an open-access exchange of ideas and innovations that can be put into action today. We take our guidance from our world’s most significant network, Nature, and reveal living on our planet as an ecosystem of systems that work together for the health and well-being of the whole system.

We will explore our most significant challenges and realistic solutions that can be developed in real-time today through the development of nine tracks. 

We are continuously building an international community of communities from around the world. Together, we can amplify the evidence-based knowledge and indigenous wisdom that has lasted the test of time, so we can collectively take great ideas from out of the laboratory and into action.

Our conversations are committed to real solutions for real problems based on facts, not fiction, with clarity above all else, easily translatable, accessible to everyone, respectful, and mindful of all peoples.

We believe that we all have two choices. We either continue the way we have been going, enslaved to Industrial Age systems which create pyramids serving only those at the top while destroying our natural resources, or we can come together, united in Solidarity for the health and well-being of all, share our knowledge across all borders, and create a world that we all want.

For the love of those who came before us resides in our hearts. The love of future generations lives in our actions.

Let’s get Mobilized. Here’s how!


Ecosystem and Info-Structure

A multimedia hub on how societies and cultures can advance and home of collaboration resources that will emerge as humanity networks truth, talent, and action.

We invite you to utilize the new media framework to share the achievements in reclaiming life on Earth at a higher level.

This can be “Co-Creation Central” for Practical Solutions to existing and pre-existing problems. We’ll make this happen together.

  • Experts Network –A network of experts in their fields, organized in a web 4.0 so the content and the context are transparent.
  • Evidence-based, Imagination Empowered Solutions and Project News Network– Because a society cannot function when it is kept in a constant state of ignorance, violence, and disinformation.
  • Decentralized Localized Community Media Radio Player – Helping to overcome misunderstandings about people and communities that appear different from ours. Changing the world in real-time.
  • The Stories of Main Street, Not Wall Street The goal of helping local communities connect and create better communications systems; Become a Mobilized collaborator in the creation, and you receive your own virtual studio with an all-access pass to enable your very own community media info- structure.
  • News without the Noise – We dissect the truth from fiction and provide a kaleidoscope of wisdom worldwide.
  • Mobilized LIVE!–An open-access conversation to the changes you want to create in the world. Each month, join the Mobilized team, artists and scientists, media makers, and earth-shakers for a lively conversation as we discuss the actions we can all take for a genuinely empowered world. Discover the schedule here
  • Live and On-Demand Wisdom of Experts– Advanced knowledge and ideas-into-action from experts in their fields; these are people who have been there, done that, and continue to do amazing things. Experience both live and on-demand presentations offering valuable idea-into-action insights to take on the go or in your daily life.
  • Networking –Through the use of group forums and bulletin boards, you can discover new opportunities and take advantage of them through community conversations. Discuss one-on-one or in a group setting or with representatives or speakers. Participating companies can showcase their products and services in our virtual showroom, creating long-term possibilities for engagement.
  • Ongoing learning news and learning network –New opportunities emerge whenever you want them! As an ongoing media event, you can promote new products and services by showcasing them in the marketplace.

The Mobilized Global Exchange: Planetary Hub of Decentralized Innovation and Co-Creation

planetary hub for decentralized open innovation. Online global collaboration for problems to be solved. Taking the conversation outside of the influence of those who repress change toward economic equality and liberty. Information Central for new paradigms moving us towards a healthy world. A new home for those dedicated and passionate about creating solutions and actions. Our Network is dedicated to facilitating massive shifts in the way we do business and live our lives.

  • Open Access hub of decentralized co-creation – Create and collaborate without compromise. A Universal production company that embodies the true art of creation! “act-the-vision” your new meme with us.
  • Create what you want, secure partnerships and collaborators, or invite partners to your project.
  • Mobilized Global Exchange – A marketplace of ideas into action, career opportunities, and events from around the world and to your home or office
  • Schedule of Events – A calendar of events and opportunities dedicated to advancing your needs
  • Bulletin boards and Job Boards – A hub of ongoing interactivity and discovery, new career opportunities, new financing opportunities, new projects to co-create
  • Product Showcase – Promote your solutions, products, and projects in our product showcase, found in the Mobilized Global Exchange.
  • Creatrix Production Studios ©– A centralized hub of decentralized products and projects seeking collaborative and cooperative partnerships

Cooperative Marketplace

  • Mobilized Global Exchange – A marketplace of ideas into action, career opportunities, and events from around the world for home or office
  • Distribution Network  –Found in the Mobilized Global Exchange, a showcase of products and distributors, helping people and businesses make better decisions for better outcomes (add link button here)
  • Cooperative Marketplace – Affiliate-driven project and product launches
  • Product Showcase – Promote your solutions, products, and projects in our product showcase, found in the Mobilized Global Exchange.

 Your front row seat to the change you wish to create in the world.


Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!
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