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How can going local enable a more sustainable and regenerative world that works for all?

The purpose of this Category is to clearly demonstrate how globalization has destroyed many of our life-support systems and local businesses, and the steps that localization can enable a brighter toorrow.

Degrowth and the Unmasking of Capitalism

Our societies are facing multiple interconnected challenges, which include climate emergency, an unprecedented loss of biodiversity, growing inequality and plastic pollution. What connects these […]

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The need for Localization

From Local Futures Economic localization offers multi-faceted solutions to the problems created by globalization. In Local Futures learning guide on globalization, we sketched the […]

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Is it Food or is it Junk?

“Is it junk or is it food?” The answer may not be as obvious as you think. Join Seleyn DeYarus your host of Regenerative Voices™ […]

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The Benefits of Localization

Since we all want a world that works for all of us, let us chart a new course to bring it about. Our future […]

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