The Case for Electric Mobility

Nikola Tesla would be happy.

As technology and innovation continues at lightning speeds, a new world of systems, services and policies is emerging.  Electric vehicles will replace the internal combustion engine, putting an end to the need for fossil fuels and the policies that keep them in place.  The price of electric vehicles is coming down, and the smart grids for charging have already emerged.

Mobilized spoke with Phillipe Vangeel, the Secretary General of AVERE about how e-mobility is shifting the power landscape, with an understanding of how–and WHY—Norway is a leader in the movement to cleaner energy systems.  Let’s hope the rest of the world catches on soon!

AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.

AVERE is the only European association representing and advocating for electromobility on behalf of the industry, academia, and EV users at both EU and national levels.

Their Members consist of Companies, Research Institutions, and National Associations supporting and encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles and electromobility across Europe. We currently have active members in 21 European countries, notably some of the most successful EV countries like Norway, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. The association is governed by their Board.

Within these Associations, there are close to 2.300 industry members, ranging from SME’s, OEM’s, and other companies with a commercial interest in electromobility and about 100.000 EV users. Furthermore, AVERE’s network includes Users of Electric vehicles, NGOs, Associations, Interest Groups, Public Institutions, Research & Development Centres, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers and other relevant Companies. This extends beyond Europe into global outreach.

On top of advocacy, AVERE provides its members with a unique forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, and ideas on how to stimulate electromobility throughout Europe. Our Working Groups analyse the most important EV themes. We engage in European and international projects promoting sustainable transportation across the EU and we have often joined other international initiatives to support electromobility.

Philippe Vangeel is the Secretary General in one of the fastest changing and growing technologies: e-mobility.

In electronics by background, Philippe has always worked as a manager in the sector. Strong of 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he brought a practical outlook to the association that enabled it to seize the moment: his vision is to make AVERE a protagonist in the growth of the e-mobility sector. In his five years, the AVERE’s membership grew significantly, while the association affirmed itself as the go-to expert for e-mobility in Europe.

As part of his broader approach, he also ensured that the entire e-mobility value chain would get visibility through AVERE. He made it the potential home of every player in the sector, from companies extracting the materials to build EVs, to vehicles manufacturers, charging point operators and final consumers.

His native language is Flemish, he is fluent in English and French, and is happy to help you in Norwegian and German.


Gandhi’s Grandson, Arun Gandhi on How We can be the Change


Dr. Arun Gandhi is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and is a longtime peace activist and author. We discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict with Dr. Gandhi and get his thoughts on this crisis as well as the global peace movement. Additionally, we will share his clear understanding of how we can all be the change we wish to see in the world.

Gaia Talks/The Earth Speaks is a Mobilized Co-Production. Produced by Missy Crutchfield and Jeff Van Treese.


Game changer: Patent Free Vaccines

“We need to break these paradigms that it’s only driven by economic impact factors or return of economic investment. We have to look at the return in public health.” — Dr, Maria Elena Bottazzi

Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi is one half of the “Dynamic Duo” known as Drs. Bottazzi and Hotez who are experts in tropical disease and have developed a revolutionary Patent-free vaccine known as Corbevax: certainly a major game changer.

The Television broadcast of this interview will appear on Free Speech TV on
Friday, February 11, 2022 at 9:30 p.m
Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.
Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Associate Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas United States

Departments of Pediatrics (Tropical Medicine) and Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Integrative Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Program, and Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine Program
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas United States

Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development
Houston, Texas United States

Distinguished Professor of Biology
Baylor University

Adjunct Professor
Department of Bioengineering
Rice University

Current Tropical Medicine Reports
Springer US

The Undertow with Mark Metz : How Corruption in the Energy Sector Sabotages Sustainability

Recorded on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 6 pm. Eastern / 3 pm Pacific Time (USA/Canad)

If governmental regulations around the world really existed to serve the common good, we would have seen a global green energy revolution several decades ago. Instead, sustainable energy solutions have had an uphill battle in the marketplace due to the power structure that favors professional lobbyists and the fossil fuel industries that back them.

Eugene Wilkie has been at the front lines of green tech development around the world with his firm Now Solar for over 30 years. In this wide-ranging conversation, you’ll learn how clean energy has butted heads with corruption behind the scenes and why the lobbying framework has stood in the way of progress. Plus the current battle for the soul of democracy in America, how the sustainable energy sector fits into the anti-autocracy movement, and what you can do to help in your own community.

Description of the Series: Why isn’t the world making faster progress on climate change, social justice, and human rights? Well, because “kleptocracy thrives in the soil of chaos.”

There’s an undertow against forward motion on every front lurking just beneath the surface. It’s an iron triangle of corrupt government officials, crooked corporations, and transnational organized crime. In other words, dirty money and a criminal culture of greed. The only thing standing in the way between a healthy future for humanity or slow death at the hands of a global network of autocratic mafia states is Western Liberal Democracy.

Join Mark Metz as he brings you the courageous citizen journalists and independent researchers doing the thankless task of exposing this underworld.

Produced by Mark Metz and Jeff Van Treese
Executive Producer is Steven Jay


GAIA TALKS: The Earth Speaks: Mohamed Ismail from Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide

Recorded on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 2 pm. Eastern (USA/Canada) 8 pm (CET/CAT)
The format of today’s Broadcast
Programming for Television, Satellite and Audio Podcasts/Broadcasts which will be also available on multiple stations and platforms. The first thirty minutes is a conversation between show host Missy Crutchfield and the guest. The second half hour is open to questions and answers. The live feed will be made available to all social media accounts and will be published here. To submit questions, please utilize the official social media feeds to submit to the moderator and guests. Links will be made available two days prior to the event live stream.

About the Broadcast Special Guest is Mohamed Ismail of Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide
We will be discussing the January 25th Revolution to today where Egypt will be the location for COP 28 with a special focus on human rights and earth justice.

In our debut of the series “GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks” is hosted by Human/Animal/Earth Rights Activist, Missy Crutchfield. Each week, she takes us on a deep dive into conversations who are on the front lines of human rights, animal rights, earth justice and the vegan revolution. Our audience comes away from the experience with realistic and clear and actionable solutions that can be applied to their everyday lives.

“GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks” is a weekly multimedia experience which is part of a multimedia platform that connects people and places who are co-creating ways to save the earth and all life.
Each episode is one hour long and is structured into two parts. The first component is recorded for future broadcast and podcast and is s a thirty minute conversation between the show host and special guest. Once the first part is over, the audience is encouraged to stick around for “after the show” thirty minutes of audience question and answers.

Wa’echun Hour: Personal Power and Decolonization

Wa’echun Hour: Understanding Decolonization with Davidica Little Spotted Horse and Olowan Sara Martinez

We welcome to the show, one of the Movement’s most powerful leaders. She has paved the way for younger activists, and continues to do important social justice work. She has made a major impact on the history of the Pine Ridge Reservation through her work shutting down the sales of alcohol in a neighboring border town. That once ravaged our people for decades.

Right now she’s focused on her work with the youth in decolonization. She understands how important it is to empower our youth, who are our future generations. She has made it her goal to educate those, who do not understand how colonization affects us in our daily lives. Olowan’s leadership, has been the grounding force for other Native activists to stand up and protect. She will bring us much needed knowledge and direction.

About Special Guest, Olowan Sara Martinez
An Oglala/Tohono O’odham grandmother and long time activist was born into the American Indian Movement. The daughter of AIM activist Angel Martinez who was a vital part of the stand off at Wounded Knee 73, and activist mother Vicki Thunder Hawk, Olowan has continued her parents fight for justice on Native Lands. Martinez has innate skills for frontline work. Her strategist mindset has made her vital to the efforts in bringing much needed change to Native Country. Most recent She has actively been leading the way towards decolonization and why it’s important in our Native communities.

The show will discuss what Decolonization is, the importance of it and why we need it in our community. Also to talk about the work she’s already done. She was the lead activist is shutting down alcohol sales in Whiteclay, a border town on our reservation line. That town has been there selling alcohol since the early 1900’s profiting off our people’s addictions and participating in violence there. The closing down of Whiteclay has made a major impact on the future of our reservation.

Truths or Consequences: Failing State or Shining Light?: The USA Role in the Twenty-first Century

Note from the Publisher: In order to create the changes we want to see in the world, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the deep rooted systematic failures that corrode our abilities to truly thrive. Mobilized is proud to present our new slate of programming that takes a deep dive into the underworld of society so that we can shine a light on what’s not working so we can shine the light into systems, services and policies that we need for the optimal health and well-being of all life.  A special thanks to “The Other” Chuck Woolery for bringing this show to Mobilized and our special guest, “Monty G. Marshall.”

About Special Guest, Monty G. Marshall, Center for Systematic Peace
Dr. Monty G.  Marshall left the university system in 2010 after holding a position as both a Research Professor and Director of Research for the Center for Global Policy at George Mason University. He is now president of a private research enterprise: Societal-Systems Research, Inc. This private initiative will continue to produce the high quality information resources that form the foundation of the Center for Systemic Peace. Since 1998, he has been the director of the Polity IV project, which provides annual assessments of autocracy, democracy and regime transitions, and the Armed Conflict and Intervention (ACI) project, which monitors all forms of armed conflict and international influence structures. Also since 1998, Dr. Marshall has served as a senior consultant with the US Government’s Political Instability Task Force (PITF; formerly known as the State Failure Task Force). He has consulted frequently with the United Nations, US Agency for International Development, UK Department for International Development, the National Geographic Society, and many other national agencies and international organizations. Before taking his most recent academic posting at GMU, he was a Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM), University of Maryland, where he directed the Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR) program from 1998-2005. He is a co-founder and was principle author, editor and researcher for CIDCM’s Peace and Conflict series. He also co-authored the original Minorities at Risk data series (with Ted Gurr) and was a Co-Director of that project.

Dr. Marshall’s current research focuses on systems analyses of societal conflict processes and the impact of global influence networks on local conflict dynamics. His theory and evidence detailing the problem of political violence within the context of societal and systemic development processes and the diffusion of insecurity in protracted conflict regions are reported in Third World War: System, Process and Conflict Dynamics. Other recent publications include the Global Report annual series (2007-present) and Peace and Conflict biennial series (2001-2005); other recent publications are available here. Dr. Marshall holds degrees in political science from the University of Colorado, University of Maryland and the University of Iowa; he held a prestigious University of Iowa fellowship from 1990 to 1993. He began his professional career teaching courses full-time at the University of South Florida, 1994-1997.

About the Series
In this era of truth decay this program will focus on the “Truths” that “WE hold” “to be self-evident.” The fundamental truths derived from “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”*  Drawing distinctions between such fundamental principles as:  inalienable human rights to life, liberty and health, no child should die before their parents,  preserving one’s freedoms and security requires virtue and responsibility and alternative principles humans invented like; ‘peace through strength’  ‘market forces or technology will solve the problem’. ‘national sovereignty’‘democracy’

*(Introduced in the Declaration of Independence.  A title that should have been the “Declaration of separation” given that independence exists nowhere in the known universe, but only as an illusion within our mind.  An illusion that is responsible for most of the death, suffering, and environmental destruction up till now.)

Produced by “The Other ” Chuck Woolery and Jeff Van Treese
Executive Producer is Steven Jay

The Undertow: The Corrosion of Corruption: Cleaning up the Chaos with Heidi Cuda

Note from the Publisher: In order to create the changes we want to see in the world, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the deep rooted systematic failures that corrode our abilities to truly thrive. Mobilized is proud to present our new slate of programming that takes a deep dive into the underworld of society so that we can shine a light on what’s not working so we can shine the light into systems, services and policies that we need for the optimal health and well-being of all life.  A special thanks to Mark Metz for hosting “The Undertow” and our first special guest, investigative journalist, Heidi Cuda.


Progressive change in every field is hampered by the confluence of comprised government officials, malign corporate interests, and transnational organized crime. In a word: Corruption. Referred to as The Iron Triangle by Robert Mueller in his 2011 speech to the FBI, this shadowy undertow on the common good is an invisible economy fueled by human suffering diametrically opposed to progress on climate change, human rights, or social justice.

Heidi Cuda is an expert journalist who has been tracking this dark phenomenon for over 20 years. In this essential conversation, you will grasp the scale of the problem and the latest exciting developments to clean up the playing field around the world. Learn how you can help make progress against corruption in your own community for the common good of humanity.

Heidi Siegmund Cuda is an Emmy award-winning investigative producer, broadcast journalist, author, columnist, music critic, screenwriter and free press activist. After 15 years as an investigative producer for Fox 11 News Los Angeles, she resigned to pursue TV development, screenwriting and social justice activism.

Known for her long-form work in the music world such as Crazy Fool, about Bradley Nowell of Sublime; The Ice Opinion, with Ice T; and Definition of Down, with Darlene Ortiz, she is rapidly becoming one of foremost voices on corruption, dis-information, and the battle against autocracy.

Current co-host of the RADICALIZED podcast and US politics reporter for The Byline Times. “It’s Komprocated” a 240-page compilation of her political writings from 2016 to early 2019 is available at Ko-Fi.



The time is NOW to Rethink: James Arbib of Re-Think X spent a few moments with Jamie Arbib of ReThinkX, a next generation think tank dedicated to the disruption of systems for a healthier co-existence.

We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential transformation of human civilization in history, a transformation every bit as significant as the move from foraging to cities and agriculture 10,000 years ago. During the 2020s, key technologies will converge to completely disrupt the five foundational sectors that underpin the global economy, and with them, every major industry in the world today. The knock-on effects for society will be as profound as the extraordinary possibilities that emerge.


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