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Our world is changing. New developments through tremendous amounts of research create the possibility to enable healthier communities and the people who live and work there. As personal technology continues to advance in Lightning speeds, it is a belief we can utilize personal tech and the applications it provides us with to make tremendous transformations in personal health and wellness, education and business, the sustainable development of smarter communities all dedicated to an empowered global citizenry with ethical leadership at its helm.

Agriculture Solutions: Carbon Farming

Restoring carbon depleted ag land in the US can remove 250 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. How do we help farmers make the switch?

How to best Transform Yourself with Climate Truth

Sarah Lazare, Web Editor of In These Times. Work and words of Dr. Margaret Klein Salamon, founder of The Climate Mobilization and author of Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth.

Resilience Under Shock: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Governments compete on the global market for medical equipment produced elsewhere. Squeezed public sectors are stretched beyond their limits and the social consequences of shutdowns reverberate across the world. The coronavirus crisis has fundamentally questioned […]

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