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Bite Sized Book Reviews

Hello again.  I’m far behind on my book reviews, and yet everybody is sitting home presently due to this Virus problem.  Since my goal is to provide on Mobilized a full course curriculum on how […]

WINGS: Social Distancing and Educators

What’s happening on the front lines for educators around the world during a time of change?  As education transitions from in-person to online, how are educators adapting?  How are people dealing with overwhelming issues from […]

Our Futures: By the people, for the people

This is a guide to how mass involvement with shaping the future can solve complex problems. Moving beyond citizen assemblies and traditional public engagement, participatory futures techniques help people to develop a collective image of […]

Education for All

To meet the demands of a changing labour market, a greater effort to devise an effective UK adult learning system to tackle inequality is essential. Rapidly changing developments in new technology have considerably changed the […]

Urgently! Like, whenever, man…

  The ship is taking on water, the last lifeboats are being lowered, and yet somehow most folks are still in their cabins.  Maybe they are playing a new level on their video game, maybe […]

Capitalism is a Tool and any Tool Can be Abused

Nicolas Loris’ (Washington Times “Big Idea” column titled “Breathe free: Capitalism helps protect the environment”) ignores a fundamental principle regarding Capitalism. He is right in condemning the belief that capitalism is inherently evil in asserting […]

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