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A better road is possible….

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller By Steven Jay, Founder, “There are no problems; […]

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On the concept of Autonomy

Imagine having creative control of your vision. George Gershwin meets Ravel.  And the conversation goes something like this: Gershwin: “I wish I could write like you.” Ravel: “Don’t be a bad Ravel. Be an amazing […]

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Dan Franco

Pop Culture

It is not much of a confession to admit I am a huge Sci-Fi nerd, always have been.  A date once compared my apartment to a bookstore; that was not said charitably.  Don’t care.  I […]


The race to replace a dying neoliberalism

In response to the cataclysm occasioned by the coronavirus, three lines of thinking are emerging. One is that the emergency necessitates extraordinary measures, but the basic structure of production and consumption is sound, and the […]


The Urban Pantry

The purpose of this feature is to provide an overview using a non linear frame of reference to connect major centers of belief about political sovereignty, modern day petrochemical based agriculture, ‘nutrient collapse’, CO2 rise, and […]


Peaceful Protest vs. “Law and Order!”

While demonstrators are protesting unprovoked killings of black U.S. citizens by calling for police reform, few recognize that this is a cry of frustration and Not a call for the end of law enforcement. They […]

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Reeding, Riding and Rithmertix

Reading requires an adherence to certain established conventions and a learned structure.  As Marshall McLuhan would say, linear thinking began with the Guttenberg press allowing entire cultures to learn how to process information in the […]

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