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The election results do not matter.  They really don’t.  Win or lose, the work will go on.  “Do good deeds, and build community.”  Create a more fair and just society; not one merely benefiting the […]

We are in the Age of Consequences

“At the root cause of our problems is the failure to recognize that Independence is a man made concept. The truth of our reality is that everything is connected to everything and therefore, everything impacts […]

Sabotaging Democracy

Donald Trump once said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Of course that precludes that the target of his marksmanship was not a […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once

It was as if a Hollywood scriptwriter had penned their names, Jeffrey Toobin and Anthony Weiner, the superstars of self-inflicted, techno-sexual mis-steps.  The industry producer that renamed Marion Robert Morrison, John Wayne, is a faded […]

Are They Talking To You?

Last year, before the pandemic, when airline travel was less a life-challenging exercise and more a herding exercise in patience and tolerance, my 96-year-old father was still able to travel from his Floridian enclave to […]

The Great American Work-Around

I recently received a comment to a post from David Silverman on Facebook, which allows comments.  His comment and my reply can be seen below. “hmmm. Biden family baggage? Sure. I’m remembering Carter’s brother trying […]

For a healthier planet, management must change

Our environment sustains all life. Both human and wildlife. When habitat degrades, the lives of all that depend on it also deteriorate: poor land = poor people and social breakdown.By Sarah Savory, Zimbabwe In Zimbabwe […]

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