Russian Dissident, Vladimir Slivyak of Ecodefense on Safeguarding our Planet

This is the full interview with Vladimir Slivyak.  The versions for Television and Radio are formatted for time.

Mobilized News with Vladamir Slivyak of Ecodefence, Russia

On Sunday, May 1, 2022, Mobilized’s Jeff Van Treese II interviewed Vladimir Slivyak for our Broadcast TV series to air on Free Speech TV.  The interview will air via Broadcast, Satellite and Internet on FSTV starting May 13, 2022.

We didn’t want to embargo the conversation for two weeks and felt that the audio version could also be shared easily.

From the Right Livelihood website:

Vladimir Slivyak is one of Russia’s most committed and knowledgeable environmentalists, who has been spearheading important grassroots campaigns against environmentally damaging practices for decades. He has stopped projects related to the exploitation of fossil fuels, the use of nuclear power and coal, and the shipment of radioactive waste from abroad.

As co-chairman and co-founder of Ecodefense, one of Russia’s leading environmental organisations for decades, Slivyak has worked extensively on reducing environmental risks, mitigating the climate crisis and promoting renewable energy in Russia.

Led by Slivyak, Ecodefense was the first environmental group in Russia to start an anti-coal campaign in 2013, which helped to empower local communities suffering from the impacts of coal mining and transportation. Connecting local communities around the country and information sharing led to a rapid growth of anti-coal protests in various parts of Russia.

Slivyak has also opposed Russia’s promotion of nuclear energy both at home and abroad. These enormous successes have proven that even in authoritarian Russia, grassroots activities can effectively challenge government-backed projects.

In recent years, Slivyak and Ecodefense have been targeted by Russian authorities for their work. However, Slivyak has stayed the course heartened by the growing influence of young climate activists. Standing with them, he is committed to ushering in a cleaner and more sustainable future for Russia and the world.


Forest defenders in Atlanta / Corporate media failures on climate change

Although there are no old-growth trees involved (as in some Western regions), Atlanta now has its own forest-protection organization. In the first segment of this week’s show, Eleanor speaks with a member of Defend the Atlanta Forest about the group’s purpose and motivation.

In the second half of the show, Eleanor and Mickey discuss how corporate media have under-reported and mis-reported stories involving climate change.

Notes: Credits:

“Coyote” is a member of Defend the Atlanta Forest. The organization aims to protect a 500-acre parcel of the city’s historic South River Forest from development plans that would turn part of the woods into a police training center, and another part into a movie studio. Coyote explains how the conflict over the forest involves multiple inter-related issues. The group’s web site is

Economic Update: The Delusion of Capitalism

In the first half of this week’s show, Wolff evaluates US capitalism as a system of production and distribution of goods and services. In the second half, he compares the evaluation with the very different self-image of dominant voices within US capitalism. His conclusion: US capitalism has peaked and finding it very difficult to face its decline.

Ralph Nader: How has disease shaped history?

Ralph speaks to two authors who have written books about how disease has shaped history, first with journalist Vidya Krishnan, author of Phantom Plague: How Tuberculosis Shaped History and then John Nichols, author of Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers: Accountability for Those Who Caused the Crisis?

Just Solutions: A Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Sweeps the Country

A wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation is sweeping across the country. From Florida’s don’t say gay bill which bans “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in early grades to numerous states attempting to outlaw gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

Human Rights Campaign are tracking more than 200 anti-LGBTQ+ equality bills around the country and they say the number keeps growing.

Our guest today is Cathryn Oakley, HRCs State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel. She focuses on passing non-discrimination laws at the state and local levels and combating anti-LGBTQ legislation in state legislatures.

Communities Take Action to Unionize (The Attitude with Arnie Arneson)

Meet the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth – the new union will represent undergraduate students who work for Dartmouth Dining Services’ 11 dining locations.

The mail-ballot vote took place over a 4 week period that includes finals week++ and semester break, so only about a third of the eligible voters returned their mail ballots to the NLRB. But the solidarity and power of the remarkable unanimous vote is unmistakable. These students are amazing and savvy organizers!

Nadine Formiga is an international freshman from Brazil studying geography at Dartmouth College. She is a part of the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth’s organizing committee and a member of Dartmouth YDSA. She is also a student worker at Novack Cafe and a research assistant.

Ian Scott is a sophomore at Dartmouth College employed as a dishwasher in the Class of 1953 Commons dining hall, a member of the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth organizing committee, and secretary of the Dartmouth YDSA. He is majoring in African and African American studies and minoring in studio art.

Alejandro Morales is a sophomore at Dartmouth College studying French and Portuguese. They are a student area manager at Novack Cafe, an organizer with the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth, and a member of Dartmouth YDSA.

Sheen Kim is a junior at Dartmouth College studying geography and anthropology. She is the cochair of the Dartmouth YDSA, a member of the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth organizing committee, and a research assistant employed under the Geography and Anthropology departments.

Kaya Colakoglu is an international sophomore from Turkey studying history at Dartmouth College. He is a part of the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth organizing committee and the cochair of Dartmouth YDSA. He is a student worker employed at a Dartmouth snack bar.

Part two: a conversation with The Nation’s John Nichols – A billionaires tax and the success of Amazon workers in Staten Island to secure the first union against the largest employer in the US Amazon

John Nichols, a pioneering political blogger, writes about politics for The Nation as its national-affairs correspondent. His pieces have been circulated internationally, quoted in numerous books, and mentioned in debates on the floor of Congress. Nichols is a contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times and the associate editor of the Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and dozens of other newspapers.

How Will Electric Vehicles Pave a Way towards a cleaner energy future, today?

There is change in the air.  And at the forefront of systematic change is the transformation of transportation, from fuel to electric.

And the good news is that electric vehicles (EV’s) are coming down in price.  New power grids are being established. In Europe, especially in Norway , EV’s are much more than a “fad” but they’re heading into the ‘norm.’ In the not- distant future,  EV’s just might be one of the paradigm shifts that get us off our addiction to fossil fuels, OPEC, and keep us enslaved in constant struggle and wars.

Jeff Van Treese II, Mobilized News TV host, has an enlightening conversation with Joel Levin of Plug in America, America’s leading organization for the transition to Electric Vehicles.

About Plugin America

Plug In America is a non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group. We are the voice of plug-in vehicle drivers across the country. Our mission is to drive change to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We help consumers, policy-makers, auto manufacturers and others to understand the powerful benefits of driving electric. We provide practical, objective information to help consumers select the best plug-in vehicle for their lifestyles and needs. Plug In America founded National Drive Electric Week, the world’s largest celebration of the plug-in vehicle, which welcomed over 180,000 attendees across 324 events in 2019, spanning all 50 states.


Understanding Implicit Racial Bias and the Brain

Dr. Dale Taylor is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He discusses the neurological component of racial bias and how implicit bias can be implanted by social forces we may not be aware even exist. We discuss how biases are formed in early childhood and what we can do to overcome them.

To have a healthy population, we need a healthy food system

Did you know?

Only 19% of arable land her occupied by smallholder farmers,

But smallholder farmers make up 94% of the worlds farmers,

preserving 95% of agricultural biodiversity,

and producing 70% of the worlds food.

How can our food systems be improved without degrading the land while making sure workers and farmers’ human rights are not abused?

Mobilized’s “The Other” Chuck Woolery has an open discussion with Loren Cardeli of A Growing Culture on the challenges of solving food security, food sovereignty, and the reality of how our current food systems have failed us?


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