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Wastewater Could Power All U.S. Homes.

  Scientists Warn Environmental Threats Could Cascade, Leading to Global System Collapse Scientists warned last week that multiple overlapping environmental threats to the planet could cascade, leading to a global systemic collapse. A new report […]

Ocean Pasture Restoration

The climate negotiations are focusing on ‘mitigation’, that is, reducing society’s carbon emissions, and adaptation, adjusting to the climate change that cannot be avoided. However, the restoration of a safe climate for future generations is […]

Solving our Water Crises

Today fully one-sixth of the world’s human population lacks access to clean drinking water, and more than two million people—mostly kids—die each year from water-borne diseases. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) predicts that […]

Eco Wave Power wins Global Climate Action Award

The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat announced the 15 winners of the 2019 prestigious UN ‘Momentum for Change’ Global Climate Action Award, with Eco Wave Power (EWP, EWPG Holding AB) receiving the award for its […]

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