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Solving our problems with Holistic Management

As the Savory Institute has reminded us, “This viral pandemic was not some random occurrence in a properly-functioning system. It is the by-product of a long-broken system, the reductionist management of natural resources, the destruction […]

Understanding Regenerative Farming

What is regenerative farming and why is it important? By Kaleigh Jurgensmeyer, Crowd Cow There are lots of labels and certifications out there — everything from Certified Organic to Certified Humane and even certified Predator Friendly. Certifications help create a standard […]


Say what now? Bouffier! This essay is about trees, and why it’s good to plant more of them.  And it’s about how sometimes things go ’round in cycles that take decades to become obvious. Bouffier […]

A transition to organic farming

Bob Quinn is a thoughtful farmer, who has been stewarding his family’s farm in Montana. The son of a farmer, Bob went off to university to study science and pursue a doctorate. But being a scientist […]

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