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Captain Kangaroo Court

captain Kangaroo

I no longer recognize the country I used to live in.  In the 60’s there was much social upheaval and repression took many forms—illegal wars, violent action on the part of the government, assassinations of our best leaders and political manipulation of the rest.  But today it has been magnified exponentially.

Flagrant and blatant abuse of basic rights and human decency is no longer kept in the shadows or the private offices of corrupt politicians but stands in the light of day embraced by a faux-President and his appointees, surrogates and party enablers. Take for example the latest iteration of madness, the separation and jailing of small immigrant children and the subsequent court proceedings to rule on their asylum. In the most evil and despicable manner Trump is using the “rules” to inflict pain and punishment on the least able to defend themselves.

As we all know by now, immigrant children seeking asylum with their mothers are being separated and transported, in many cases thousands of miles, to “holding pens” cages, being callously spun as “summer camps,” and held by privatized detention entities for extended profits.   Managed as they are, witnesses have testified that often these children are tortured, some by being tied to a chair, ankles, wrists and waist, bound for days with a hood over their head, as if they were in Abu-Graib.  Others are given injections and drugs to facilitate their easy management over their rightful protests and objections.  What’s next? Waterboarding?

No, what’s next is a trial.  Small children and infants are taken into court without any representation (as non-citizens they are not entitled to representation) and without an accompanying adult, often sitting for hours alone in a chair without toys, games, snacks or food, until the judge rules on their asylum claim.  Many are so young they cannot even speak, yet alone understand the proceedings and without a parent to speak for them, cannot represent themselves.  For Trump, the bully, this must feel like a slam-dunk. Deportation is inevitable.  Why bother with the formality of a Kangaroo Court? Is not the outcome as predictable as a Taliban ruling? Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

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