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These truly are evolutionary times: A Conversation with Bruce Lipton

We are each and all cells in a super-organism called Humanity. 


As we approach resolution to this most toxic and divisive election where partisans on both sides feared the “end of the world” if their candidate lost, those with the eyes to see recognize that our species is literally facing that prospect unless we shift course and move beyond both partisan narratives.

By Steve Bhaerman

To begin this New Year that we hope will be a truly “NEW” New Year, my associate Steven Jay and I are launching our new platform to awaken, inspire and activate what we call a “great upwising” to evolve our civilization from domination and exploitation to collaboration and cultivation.

During our three-month pre-launch phase, we will be featuring weekly interviews with evolutionaries and solutionaries that will help us hold the context for the foundational changes that will be required.

So, our first interview with my colleague Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution) is to both sound the alarm about “mass extinction”, and offer a pathway forward to what he considers the antidote – conscious evolution.

If you’ve read Spontaneous Evolution you are aware of Bruce’s thesis that the next phase of human evolution is recognizing we are each and all cells in a super-organism called Humanity.  Bottom line – modern science is now echoing what ancient spiritual wisdom has been saying for millennia, that evolution is about cooperation, not domination.  As we are pulled every which way by current crises and incomplete narratives, it’s essential to keep our “eye on the prize” to keep us focused on the bigger picture and the bigger mission.

It is also important that we recognize that the battle being fought on the political battlefield is the wrong battle.  We have two obsolete (and obso-lethal) paradigms duking it out, and the people of the world and the natural order are the collateral damage.  On one side, we have the black-coated priests representing authoritarian, patriarchal domination.  On the other, we have the white-coated scientists looking to take us “forward” to a dystopian, totalitarian technocracy.


Only an awakening humanity can help us find the “treasure” in each of these paradigms, and move forward to create a world safe for our children and their children to grow and thrive in.  Artificial intelligence must be subservient to REAL intelligence – the loving and coherent spiritual intelligence of the heart, and the intelligence of nature and life.

And, if you would like to become a vital part of our movement of movements, you can click the link here and join us as a collaborator in creation of better, together.

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