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Much of the science that we take for granted today was once discounted and discouraged years ago. In fact, there was a time that people were considered heretics for going up against the Church. For example, pre-Copernicus, people were taught to believe that the Sun revolved around the Earth.  Now, of course, we know that is not the case.  But what does this mean for the scientists who have been working on solutions?

Who are the Einstein’s, Teslas’s, Madame Currie’s and Nikola Tesla’s of today and tomorrow?

On May 12, a few key scientists and innovators from around the world entered into the conversation to discuss this question and find the answers, while we addressed the key fact:

No man (or woman) is an island.

All of our existing and pre-existing problems are not problems—but instead, are the consequences of one major problem, the failure to recognize that we are all interconnected and part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are all part of the whole.  And whole-system thinking and then, action through holistic management, will solve most of our existing problems while preventing new ones from emerging.

This is part of our series “A Smarter Conversation”.  You can discover our schedule here.

If you enjoy this conversation, please let us know. And if you wish to contribute your wisdom and knowledge towards the development of a new progressive show series, please contact us here.  Thank you.

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