Both Sides Now?

After a relentless week of Trump malfeasance, criminal revelations and political blunders, it might be expected that an informed citizen would be battle-wearied and numbed, that all feelings of outrage would be suppressed with an over-saturation of mind-bending news.  But that was not the case, as Hillary Clinton inserted herself into the current electoral fray with an off-the-wall remark on both 2016 and 2020 Russian meddling, claiming without any evidential support that Russia was surreptitiously supporting Tulsi Gabbard with trolls and bots on social media and that Jill Stein had been a Russian asset, a sour grapes departure from the central thesis of her latest book co-authored with daughter Chelsea, “Gutsy Women.” How did the Wack-a-doodle virus come to infect Hillary?

Yet, I am thankful for this opportunity to observe the key difference between Democrats and Republicans as demonstrated by the response to her comment.  Van Jones was quick to lead the charge, criticizing her fantasy musings as unfounded.  If only Republicans could locate their lost moral center and learn to objectively separate support for policy from support for a verifiable whack-job.

It’s ironic that Trump caged immigrant children yet has effectively released ISIS prisoners, and yet his supporters fail to criticize even these most reprehensible and undeniable actions.  In spite of publicly recorded admissions of wrongdoing, they continue to provide cover for this fool and his crony clowns.  Giuliani is a living example of a ventriloquist’s dream.  This dummy will unwittingly mouth any words supplied him, and Mick Mulvaney, unable to speak and think at the same time,  like the many proxies before him has an unaware way of blurting the truth amid a succession of scripted lies. The Republican silence is nevertheless deafening.

So, yes it is refreshing to see that Democrats have not lost their moral compass with the inability to admonish partisan wrongdoing.