Book banning, Cancel culture and threats, Oh My! What’s causing them?

On this week’s Project Censored show,  we hear a panel discussion held on Constitution Day (Sept. 17) at Diablo Valley College, where Mickey teaches. The three panelists addressed the state of the media, the threats posed by book-banning campaigns and cancel culture, as well as the societal changes underlying these trends. Betsy Gomez, Nico Perrino, Nolan Higdon

Notes: Credits:

  • Betsy Gomez is coordinator for the Banned Books Week Coalition (
  • Nico Perrino is Executive Vice-President at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (, formerly known as the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education.
  • Nolan Higdon is a university lecturer in media studies and history. He’s also the author of “The Anatomy of Fake News,” and other books on media and society.