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April 22, 23, 24: Mother Earth is Female

Humanity needs an evolutionary communications network dedicated to uniting people towards building a sustainable and regenerative world that works for all.

To do this, Mobilized is bringing together a passionate group of artists and scientists, media makers, earth shakers and citizens from all continents,  united in solidarity to co-create a collaborative media resource and platform dedicated to empowering our collective human potential to create systematic paradigm change at a time of ongoing ecologic and humanitarian crises.  We’ll discover how We, the People, can come galvanize and harness the power of potential and create evidence-based systems of service, from community media, to smarter cities, more rewarding businesses and stand for the things you truly believe in.

It’s what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.

We call it Mother Earth. So how can we learn from the Feminine energies of existence so that we can overcome our misunderstandings and discover better ways of being together?

What must “We the people” do to create a world that works for all?  After all, our future is in our hands.

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