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Welcome to The Evolution Whose Time is Now

There is a whole amazing world out there waiting for us to bring it to life:    For out of chaos, comes creation.

We are

Are we open to the possibility that many of the answers to our biggest challenges have been hiding in plain sight?

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

We are the artists and scientists, media makers and earth shakers everywhere who refuse to sit on the sidelines as our corporate, political and media leaders refuse to truly serve us, as they pillage the planet for short term gain.

We have united in Solidarity for a Smarter Conversation, to overcome misunderstandings, find better ways of working together as we RESET:  This  global network that unites us towards creating a renewable and regenerative world that works for all life, people, planet purpose.

Mobilized brings unites communities of experts, revolutionaries, evolutionaries and solutionaries into a globally decentralized hub of co-creation for humanity’s next adventure: The Health and Well-being of People and Planet with Purpose.   Mobilized is inspired by Nature, Powered by Passionate People, Empowered by Imagination.


In a concerted effort to expand the reach of evidence-based knowledge dedicated to solving our ecologic and continual humanitarian crises, a passionate group of producers, academics, artists, social activists and citizens on all continents have united in solidarity to co-create a collaborative media resource and platform, an “evidence-based Wikipedia for sustainable development” dedicated to empowering our collective human potential at a time of crisis.

For too long, we have been warned by some of the brightest minds in the world that we cannot continue to solve our problems but the same level of thinking that created them. We can no longer go on the way we have been going. If we have learned any one key thing from the current Coronavirus Pandemic, is we are more connected than we have ever been. 

It is now time to take advantage of this connected-ness as we come together in Solidarity for the health and well-being of all of us.  It is either Conscious Evolution, or extinction. Our future is in our hands.

At a time when digital connectedness enables mass awareness of humanitarian challenges, people could rise to meet them, said Møller – if they receive accurate, useful and balanced information from the media. We have the expertise, we have the experience, the human capital, the financial means, it’s just a matter of getting our act together globally.” –Michael Møller, Director General of the U.N. Office in Geneva

“We are moving into a world of incredible change. We have technology today that gives almost every person on this planet the ability to know everything that happens, but also the ability to comment. Many of these voices are fairly uninformed and based on very narrow personal agendas and local understandings of reality. It is very, very important that this cacophony of voices is as informed as possible.”  –Positive News

Truth is not a commodity.  The walls between us have been removed.  Imagine what we could do if we wanted to!

Imagine the creation of an evidence-based, scientifically backed, and Imagination empowered Social Action Network, a GPS for humanity’s next adventure, coexistence in a world that works for all. exists as a living breathing organism, a Web of Life which  features the wisdom of experts, a localized to global resource center,  calendar of events,  and Marketplace tools, the creatrixx where Partnerships are created, when the tools are with him and that we need of experts to bring us closer to one another so that we can overcome misunderstandings while working better together.


Because if not now, there is no when.


Be the Solution

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