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Allan Savory: How to effect meaningful transformation to address the global climate crisis.

Holistic land management pioneer and co-founder of the Savory Institute, Allan Savory joins Seleyn DeYarus, host of Regenerative Voices Elevating Stories Activating Change podcast, in a conversation about his journey and current thoughts on how to effect meaningful transformation to address the global climate crisis.


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Allan has devoted his life to understanding how to reverse the pattern of desertification. In the 1960s, while working in the USA, he had a major breakthrough in his understanding of how to bring a new approach to land management and achieve grassland restoration. Now, Allan shares what is occupying his mind as the world faces the greatest crisis humanity has faced, a rapidly changing climate bringing with it prolonged droughts, epic storms, and much chaos. Will we be able to shift enough people’s thinking and policy toward holistic strategies in time to heal the ecosystems of earth? Listen and Learn.

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