All the Presidents Women

All the President’s Women: Medicare for All with No New Taxes

Has he been impeached yet? I know the answer to that as well as you do, but what do you say after interviewing MONIQUE EL FAIZY, the co-author of the book, All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator.” In writing this book they uncovered 43 more women, and they speculate there are hundreds of others. He is not only boorish and disdainfully disrespectful to women, but he is a predator. The president of the United States is a sexual predator. The sad part of it is he said it before he was elected, “Grab them by the pussy.” How many of his rich and powerful friends share his proclivities?

Read the book, review some of the Hollywood Access tapes, his comments about Megan Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Maxine Waters, Carly Fiorina… The list goes on and on. Does sexual predation count as a high crime or misdemeanor?We are not talking consensual sex here, but predation on young, beautiful, inexperienced models, actresses and anybody who caught his eye. This book was not a pleasant read for me, but as a woman I realize we cannot ignore this kind of behavior or we are complicit. MONIQUE EL FAIZY, co-author with BARRY LEVINE of All the President’s Women, will discuss.

Yes, Virginia, we can provide Medicare 4 All without raising taxes. It will require a reorientation of priorities. Do you have any idea how much we have spent on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in the last 18 years? Try 4.7 trilliion dollars. That’s about $300 billion per year – more that enough to cover Medicare 4 All. The wealthiest nation in the world has more than enough money, but it doesn’t have the moral will power to say no to endless wars and being an ATM for military contractors. LINDSAY KOSHGARIAN, Program Director of the National Priorities Project for the Institute for Policy Studies, where she oversees will speak with us. Lindsay’s work on the federal budget includes analysis of the federal budget process and politics, military spending, and specifically how federal budget choices for different spending priorities and taxation interact.

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