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All for One?


All for One

Was it Alexandre Dumas in his classic novel, “The Three Musketeers” who coined the phrase, “All for one and one for all” or is this just the product of a childhood memory of a time long-gone, when watching the popular TV show of the same name, I often heard the phrase repeated with regularity?  The idea of unity of resolve, commitment and deep loyalty imbued in that phrase was not lost on my young mind.  Today in our upside down political world it has suffered, being twisted by our foes and abandoned by those who could use it to further good ends.

Donald Trump certainly understands this paradigm.  That is why he demands loyalty and rejects unity.  In his world, it is “All for One.” His surrogates and his cabinet, all survive on loyalty alone. The GOP keeps him in office solely to push their agenda, despite the bitter loyalty pill they must swallow to maintain it.  Yes, in Trump World, it is “All for One” under extreme duress. Trouble is that the “One for All” part of the equation is sorely missing. His deal making is never reciprocal. It has been proven that like water he flows downhill.

NATO, an organization designed to protect free democratic nation states against aggression was founded on the very same, basic principle, “All for One and One for All,” and has survived since World War II without incident until recently, when Russia attempted to annex Crimea and attacked the Ukraine.  Now, under Putin’s spell, Trump is shattering the NATO alliance, repudiating our allies and questioning our commitments.  His attacks on the European Union and the trade tariff wars initiated against virtually every significant trade partner, further substantiate his intent.

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And so, we must question, “Who is in charge in a democracy, the One or the All?” If one can claim, as Trump does, that he was legitimately elected, logic follows that the One represents the All. But in reality, that is not necessarily the case.  However, if not legitimately elected, the logic does not follow.  Either way, the majority of the country and privately in the opinion of our congressional members, openly the media as well as military leaders and intelligence officers and our allies abroad, ALL do not agree with the ONE!.

What can be done?

Unity is the answer.  We must embrace the latter part of the equation, “all for one,” in support of each other. Take for example, the Press Corp.  When Jim Acosta attempted to ask a question of the President and was rebuked as fake news, Trump refused to take his question. Instead he moved on to FOX news and John Roberts for a question. Where is the unity among the Press Corp when Roberts asked his question?  What should have happened was that Roberts should have refused to ask his question until Acosta was first allowed to ask his.  ALL hands in the room should have gone down until Acosta was treated respectfully and answered. An attack on Acosta is an attack on the ALL, the entire Press Corp, and should have been treated as such. Don’t they know that, or is their competitive aggression so overwhelming that they no longer care?

And take our Intelligence heads, FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, all in agreement, surely, they must by now realize that to share intelligence with Trump is to share it with our enemies. Where would Trump be if they all resigned? Better yet, what if in a single act of unity, they all declined to take meetings with him, a strike of intelligence to force his resignation.  There can be no doubt that we are being led by a proven liar, an admitted moral degenerate, a raging narcissist, a man with no moral compass, an uninformed reality show actor who prefers not to read his briefs and plays fast and loose with no apparent agenda, spouting vague assertions of his success while absent of any revelation, documentation or verification.

Is this how we chose to be governed, “All for One?”

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