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“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…” ― Nikola Tesla

Mobilized is an Evolutionary Network, Portal and Action Center dedicated to uniting the world in action towards the development of a sustainable and regenerative world that works for the health and well-being of people, planet with purpose.

We are artists, producers and scientists, media makers and earth shakers from all part of the world who refuse to sit on the sidelines as world and business leaders pillage the planet for their own short-term and selfish goals.

We believe that our media and communications systems has failed the public need and have united in Solidarity to co-create a platform for personal and planetary health based on the Universal Laws of Nature:

For media and communications to truly serve the needs of people and planet with purpose, we must be founded on a totally comprehensive and holistic concept of human activity and our relationship with to planetary and personal health, the whole systematic organism, and the universe.

Due to the existing elaborate structure of corporate media systems, a new system must be created; a system and info-structure build and dedicated to service to all the people and the planet.

We have been told and taught that we are all part of a system called the universe, but media, corporations, political, religious and many existing educations systems treat all systems as separate.

In order to fully serve our collective needs, is uniting conscious creators from the arts and sciences, media makers and earth shakers from around the world to collective model and ideal media info-structure dedicated to our personal and planetary health.

This network will collaboratively model an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complementary series of social enterprises within its very DNA.  This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

We are united in spirit and action and look forward to your being part of the movement of movements for better, together.

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More About us

Mobilized is an Evolutionary media network; a GPS for Humanity’s next adventure


We believe that the truth of our co-Existence and the ways of preventing and solving problems and pandemics should not be kept behind costly academic or corporate paywalls.  It is time to set the wisdom of evidence-based wisdom and imagination free for all to share.  The health the people and the planet are at stake.  It is time to get Mobilized.

While some people see the Web as a network of computers, we see it as a network of people working together on shared interests.

See the source imageWhat if we the people, the experts  from the arts and sciences, media makers and earth shakers from around the world, united in Solidarity for the health and well-being of all the people and the planet? And in doing so, we created a new kind of network,  a solutions-driven platform and network dedicated to our collective health and well-being?

Instead of being critics of what we don’t want, we become creators of what we do want.

You know you want it.

Clean air. Clean water. Healthy systems. Nutritious Food. Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Non Violence. You know, a world that works for all.

Mobilized is a citizens action network dedicated to sustainable and regenerative solutions for the long-term health of people and all living things, including the living planet. 

Our future, if we want it, is in our hands.



For years we have been advised and counseled that we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Are we open to the possibility that many of the answers to our biggest challenges have been hiding in plain sight?

Did you know?

December 10th is the Anniversary of a little known but highly important document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Created initially as a response to the atrocities of World War 2 by Eleanor Roosevelt and signed, but not honored by 193 nations, this document, when honored along with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, outlines what is possible when the worlds systems work harmoniously together.

But takes more than just ideas or talk.  It takes action.

Introducing Mobilized, an idea-into-action Action Network dedicated to showcasing the who, what, where, when, why’s and how’s for a better way forward.

With millions of people marching, protesting, occupying and rebelling against failed leadership and systems, there is something that we can all do. In addition to marching and protesting, occupying and rebelling, we can transform from critics to creators.

We already possess everything we need for a world that works for all of the people, the planet and all living things. We need to get our act together, realize it, and bring it to life.

If you have the passion, the wisdom, the guidance and the drive to share with others around the world, then we look forward to you being an active part of our global community of collaborators in creation.  There are so many things we can all do when we work together to enable a world that works for all. All the people. The Planet. And all living things.

At the epicenter is an evidence-based info-structure.  We can build a better Web.

Imagine collaborating on shared wisdom across borders; learning from the experts who have been there, done that and continue to do the amazing, empowering and enabling the inner Einstein of collaborative communities to create better together.

During the next two months, Mobilized will be inviting organizations such as yours into a virtual ecosystem of possibility as we learn from one another, overcome mis-undersandings, and create better ways of working better, together.


We have everything we need to enable health and well-being for all. We have the tools, the technology, the wit and wisdom and knowledge, the desire and dedication to bring about optimal health for both people + planet and all living things. We just need to get better organized to bring it all about.  We are Mobilized.

An ecosystem of opportunity, a world of difference.

We invite communities of social initiatives and organizations, social entrepreneurs and solution providers into conversation of possibility, inspired by nature and powered by passionate people.  Here you can (see bottom footer)


The future is in our hands.


Be the Solution

“Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. IF we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
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