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An information upgrade whose time is now.

“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” ― William Blake, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion

You are going to LOVE our Platform!

We took our cues from the original Network: Mother Nature.


The news never tasted so good.

In the beginning, we had only one objective; to harness the wisdom of experts from the arts and sciences and create programming that informed and inspired, empowered and educated, and served as a catalyst for the ideas into action for optimal health and well-being of all the people and the planet.

Information: Inspired by Nature. Powered by Passion. Empowered by Imagination.

To us, it’s about quality, not quantity. It’s the story that touches the heart while uplifting the spirit. The stories build bridges and unite people into collaboration and cooperation. And we knew that people were crying out for a different story, a story different than the corporate, industrial age story that has destroyed lives everywhere.

We invested a lot of time and energy to get it right. We introduced people to people. We spent our days in the constant pursuit of ethical leadership. Finally, we realized that people everywhere were crying out for inspiration instead of an apocalypse, news without the noise and interference, and facts instead of fiction.

A new kind of media for a new type of world.

We are here to harness the collective wisdom of experts and visionary pioneers at the forefront of a new and improved global ecosystem that works for all into a new kind of media organism to uplift the potential for all life.

With millions of people seeking relevant knowledge and thousands of media makers and earth-shakers looking to connect great stories with their audiences, we believe we have created a new kind of media for a new kinder world.

Media that embraces the health and well-being of all life. 

You’re going to love our network.


We’re on a mission:   to Democratize Knowledge for the Health and Well-being of all the People and our big, beautiful, blue planet

Welcome to,

Mobilized is an international network of media makers and earth shakers who are dedicated to the stories that uplift and inspire, inform and educate, and bring us closer to our true potential as collaborators in creation.

We were founded on a single premise that the way we once did things no longer works, and that transformation was emerging.  We wanted to make the steps needed for true transformation to be as easy to understand as possible, and therefore, we created our weekly television series which appears three times weekly on Free Speech TV, our daily programs that we call “The Daily Do It” and provide some realistic and enlightened hope that a better way is possible when we understand how we all arrived at this place.

In a world of information overload, we show the world as a global organism, an ecosystem of systems that, when working in synergy and while communicating with each other, work together for the health of the whole.    Our interviews and features take you into the hearts and minds, offices and homes of some of the most incredible people, artists and activists, scientists and social entrepreneurs, media makers and earth-shakers who share a common bond: That we are collaborators in creation of a better tomorrow today.

Over time, we will unveil new components to this network, an ecosystem of opportunities which include a local media ecosystem, a collaborative film and television cooperative studio and  a cooperative store.

At this time, there are no fees to participate and we make certain that our ethical policies are maintained.  You can find out about them here.

If you are interested in subscribing to our feeds and/or adding your voice to our growing programming ecosystem, please sign up here.

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