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A vision for a New Story

Media makers scientists and earth-shakers unite for unprecedented network for ultimate healthy coexistence for people and planet. harnessed the wisdom and actions through TV, radio, web and action network for humanity’s next adventure.

The need for a holistic management framework has long been obscured because of the
successes we have achieved without one.
We have been able to develop increasingly sophisticated forms of technology with which to
exploit earth’s resources, and to make life more comfortable for ourselves, but we have not
been able to do that without damaging our environment at the same time.
Now, more than ever, need the ability to make decisions that simultaneously consider
economic, social AND environmental realities, both short and long-term.
This holistic framework for management and decision making enables us to successfully
do this.

“A well informed global citizen is the greatest natural resource of them all.”

For too many years, we the people have been enslaved to systems, services and policies that destroy all life while oppressing people everywhere into colonialism, failed economic policies and denying them their true potential which continuing the cycle of war, poverty and constant growth on a planet that’s not growing.

It’s time for realizing and enabling a new vision with a new story whose outcome is the ultimate health of all life instead of its destruction.

Imagine belonging to a generous and inclusive community of media makers and earth shakers, scientists and social activists,human rights workers and people who refused to sit on the sidelines while world leaders and their corporate sponsors continue to plunder the planet its resources for their own short term vision.

Imagine the co creation of an ideal multimedia network with an ecosystem of opportunity that embraces the inner genius found in all of us from the time of our birth.

A holistic ecosystem of systems working together for the ultimate health of the whole.

For without a real vision, there is no long term plan,

Please join us in our journey as architects of the future today.

Our collective future is in our hands.
Yours, mine, ours.

We have a choice to make:

We can continue as we have
Isolated in silos
Held back by failed business models which suppress real change;


We can unite in solidarity for a better tomorrow, today.

The choice is ours to make. Life, or death. We choose life.

The love and hopes of those who have come before us reside in our hearts. The love of our children and our childrens children resides in our actions.

Let’s get Mobilized! Here’s how.

  • Review our manifesto here.
  • Review our ethical principles here.
  • See our Television series here.
  • And if you like what you see and wish to join a community or bring yours in, sign up for free here.

The walls between us have been removed.

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