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A Smarter Conversation with Author and Biodiversity Activist Vandana Shiva

With Wiki Politiki Host Steve Bhaerman

In this week’s Smarter Conversation, we will be interviewing biodiversity activist Vandana Shiva. The live interview will air on Mobilized on Saturday, May 16th.  The conversation will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. ET (USA/Canada), 7:30 a.m PT (USA/Canada) 3:30 pm (London) 4:30 pm (CAT).

Vandana Shiva has spent much of her life in the defense and celebration of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. She has worked to promote biodiversity in agriculture to increase productivity, nutrition, farmer’s incomes and It is for this work she was recognized as an ‘Environmental Hero’ by Time magazine in 2003. Her work on agriculture started in 1984 after the violence in Punjab and the gas leak in Bhopal from Union Carbide’s pesticide manufacturing plant. Her studies for the UN University led to the publication of her book The Violence of the Green Revolution.

She has campaigned for what she calls “seed freedom” or the rejection of corporate patents on seeds, and currently has been ringing the alarm about the damage the Bill Gates foundation, working with Bayer Monsanto has caused to the local food, soil, economies and communities in Africa and India. Our conversation will focus on her take on the “green revolution” (that brought more profits than food) and how we can create a “real green deal” on planet earth.

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