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A Smarter Conversation

It is time for an information upgrade…

Our vision is to unite people in Solidarity to discover and share the stories of Main Street and not of Wall Street, to build bridges between organizations and different sectors,  to overcome misunderstandings and showcase highly evolved models of shared prosperity and equality as new models and systems of public service are become available to the public.

To build bridges between communities and the people who live and work there, so that collectively and cooperatively, we can discover our true potential in balance with the natural world.

We believe that the there is a better future built from the ground up, and that together, we can unite in solidarity to provide open access to the wisdom, knowledge and action steps needed to bring about the new powered by you.

Mobilized is bringing together a diverse group of thinkers, social entrepreneurs, holistic health professionals, investigative reporters and earth shakers, conscious creatives and social entrepreneurs  to inspire and empower, inform and deliver, transform and translate the ideas into actions for a truly sustainable world that works for all.   We’ll look at how we  can cooperate to build better cities, optimal health, communities that communities and more emotionally rewarding projects and businesses that reflect the things that you believe in.

* Schedule is subject to change. Please bookmark this page for updates.

Immerse yourself in conscious conversations that lead to building bridges of understanding and discovering ways to take great ideas into action, weekly conversations with open-hearted and clear- headed luminaries, where many, many people can tune into and participate.  This is the alternative media that we need to have.


Building a new, ethical ecologic and social economy through the lens of holistic management

We will discuss how holistic management can solve the consequences of our problems through the lens of a new perspective.  Conversation followed by Q&A.

Featured guests are Sarah Savory (The Savory Institute in Zimbabwe, Africa) Steve Bhaerman (Co-Author with Dr. Bruce Lipton of “Spontaneous Evolution”) moderated by Barry Dossenko. LISTEN


Continuing the conversation from May 9

Vandana Shiva: It’s only Natural: Transforming from Degenerative to Regenerative

We plan to enable a new perspective on life as a self-organizing ecosystem. How can humankind stop the constant abuse of our valuable biodiversity and live in co-existence without harming anything or anyone?   This enlightening, pro-active conversation will feature leaders and pioneers from the worlds of science, biology and authors on this important subject. LISTEN



Lessons from the Grassroots: Lawns for Climate Correction

In light of Covid-19 and the coming economic, social, and health consequences, we might start viewing our yards for more than their appearance. LISTEN




Healing a world in constant crisis and Conflict the mounting amounts of research by scientists and professionals in their fields, still there is much distrust in media and public officials which leads to public dysfunction.  We wish to clear the air, and take a deep look at the reality of the situation through the perspective and lens of a professional epidemiologist who has continued to lead the way for truth regarding viruses. We are honored to introduce Dr. Nass  to A Smarter Conversation  LISTEN


Saturday, June 6:   Knowledge, Information, Wisdom and the Brain

A clear understanding of the brain, consciousness, and how music, media, education and “life in general” impacts the brain and our actions. We will dive into  issues related to the effects of information of many kinds on brain processing and decision making.  Our very special and distinguished guest is  Dr. Dale Taylor, PhD  HERE





Saturday, June 13: “From Uprising to Uprising: From Revolution to Evolution. A smarter conversation with Shariff Abdullah, J.D. of the Commonway Institute   HERE


  • Saturday, June 13: The Earth is Female
  • Saturday, June 20: Empowered to the People and  Enabling a Sustainable Civilization
  • Saturday, June 27: A Global Holistic Context: Making it possible to make ethical decisions
  • Saturday, July 11:  A Better understanding of traditional foods and medicinals
  • Saturday, July 18:  Web 4.0: The Next Frontier
  • Saturday July, 25:  Body Autonomy
  • Saturday, August 1:  Investing in the future: Ethical Business, Ethical Finance
  • Saturday, August 8:   Preventing Medical Totalariasm
  • Saturday, August 15:   Communications and Media Literacy
  • Saturday, August 22:   Disabilities overcoming Disabilities
  • Saturday, August 29:  Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity
  • September 5:  Youth Speak
  • September 12, 13: Mobilized Global Summit

The following is a list of future Smarter Conversations that are being confirmed:

  • Transforming from systems of extraction to regenerative and renewable
  • Access for All
  • Sharing the Worlds Resources
  • Enabling a realistic and comprehensive approach to health and well-being
  • Connecting agro-economics to pandemics
  • Taking back our health from Corporations
  • Building bridges: Left meets right at the center
  • Balancing short term needs with long term sustainability. What will it take
  • Going from crises and conflict to conscious creation: The importance of the artists and poets
  • Prevention through strong social programs
  • Life is worth more than profit
  • A future being ongoing crises
  • AI and the threat of personal security
  • Epigenetics and the power of our cells
  • Understanding ecologic economics
  • A real green new deal is possible.


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