A Safe Life in the Rat-holes


Each and every day, Trump and his cronies, his cabinet and appointees, his proxies and pundits, cross the line of civility and crawl back into their rat-holes expecting a life of normalcy and peaceful regularity, a personal life insulated from the effects of their numerous misdeeds and insulting taunts, expecting no personal consequences for their very public and profane actions. As several recent incidents have demonstrated it’s time to end that assumption and put them on the run and keep them there. Lacking the guillotine, the consequences of their actions should be at the very least public humiliation and shame.

To claim that a restaurant owner asking Huckabee Sanders to leave his establishment in the most polite way, or that protesters loudly shouting “shame” at a cabinet member is a lack of civility on the level of Trumps insults, is really a false equivalent.  Take Trump’s personal attacks such as insulting Maxine Waters intelligence by saying she has a low IQ or Corey Lewendowski’s recent insensitive “Womp Wah” on-air comment, and compare them with the actions of individuals protesting the policies of an executive branch out of control by seizing an unexpected moment to give personal voice to America’s need to be heard.  This is no lack of civility, it is an honorable American tradition.  We should not provide cover for these criminals but call them out and expose them and their actions for what they are, and then drive them back into the holes they came from to experience the fear and hopelessness they have created.

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The Democratic party should have realized by now that when their constituents are compelled to voice their dissatisfaction in this way, they have not adequately been doing their job.  They have shied from their responsibility and while taking the high road have become yet another casualty to the Trump bulldozer as he clears the scorched earth he set ablaze.