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A Quantum Leap in Conscious Evolution 



Many people have felt concern about the direction of the world today on a personal and collective level.

People are striving but not thriving, yearning for more yet feeling unfulfilled. People are experiencing chronic stress, fatigue, burnout, anxiety, isolation or depression. We’re seeing more disease, obesity, allergies, work dissatisfaction, disconnection from family, friends, and ourselves. The current political, social, ecological and economic issues are creating more uncertainty and stress.

We are in a time of great changes for profound healing of Mother Earth, humanity and future generations.
We’re being asked to bear witness to our personal and collective trauma, to see things from a deeper perspective; to acknowledge both our light and shadow for deep healing, and invited into leadership and authenticity. You may be feeling called to something more, you may notice big changes in your health, life, work, or relationships that you didn’t expect, and seeking guidance, or support to make sense of this time.

Humanity is awakening and evolving. We’re seeing cultural shifts and great changes on all levels.
Humanity is coming back to its senses. A new earth is emerging. People all over the world are connecting to a much needed higher wisdom and healing our ancient ancestors and Indigenous peoples still carry. People are awakening to deeper spirituality, intuitive experiences and profound awareness.

Source: Shawna Bluestar

Shawna Bluestar offers support, tools, healing, insights and resources to support you on your awakening journey, understanding the current challenges in our world from a spiritual perspective, and how to move forward with empowered purpose. She speaks to examining our collective trauma, celebrating our differences, and coming together to find resilience, peace of mind, solidarity, justice, and diversity, in the spirit of compassion, love, equity, and healing for the Earth, humanity, all beings, and future generations.

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