A Proper Forum

To each his (or her) own


I was reprimanded recently on Linked In for posting my blogs to my home page because it was not the proper forum for my political views.  It was suggested to me that I should post on Facebook or Twitter as an alternative because Linked In is a business forum.  Well, yes he was probably right, but I’m reminded of the time-worn advertising of the sort you see on bus stops and billboards that says “See You Looked.”  If I’m getting read, then why would I stop?  My suggestion to him is “don’t take the time to read it if it bothers you.” Un-Link if you like.

By Michael Caporale

I blog on WordPress and WordPress automatically posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for me.  Of course, I can choose any or all of the sites, but why remove a link that is working?

I’m sure Linked In has it’s value for many, such as job recruiters and those seeking employment. There are many forums where professionals can discuss aspects of their professions.  However, regarding posts most are self promotional in nature, usually promoting some service I have no interest in or need for, and the others are all trying to sell me something I don’t want like a discounted Dell computer, or real estate or financial advice.

It might be rightly said that I am unhappy with the election, as he so stated, “he gets it,” but my unhappiness is much deeper than that, I am unhappy with the direction of our country.  You won’t see much political dissent on Linked-in, because it’s bad for business. A potential employer doesn’t want a troublemaker, a rabble rouser, a leftist progressive or an employee that cannot follow corporate dogma and stay in line. Speaking your mind is a job killer.  Well, I don’t get jobs from Linked-in and I really don’t care whether I do or not.  I have other priorities.

I don’t suppose it occurred to the complainant that I may be introducing myself to like-minded people or that I am giving voice to those who must remain in the shadows for fear of reprisal. Who knows where any of this will lead, but unless I am mistaken, is that not the purpose of Linked-In, to link up with like-minded people? To each his own.


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