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70 Plus Unsustainable U.S. and Global Trends



What are the predictable consequences of any unsustainable trend?

The linkages between all the trends is additional evidence of our interdependent world…and lives. If we fail to end the trends, they will end us.lee

By Chuck Woolery

  1. US Govt Debt:
  2. US personal Debt: The rise in the debt-to-income ratio.
  3. US student debt:
  4. Growing interest on US debt.
  5. US income inequality rising at “steady pace” (according to government CBO 2019 analysis)
  6. Failure to invest in our vital but deteriorating infrastructure.
  7. Increasing number of laws destined to fail.
  8. US government dysfunction in dealing with national or global problems.
  9. Legally sustained flow of taxable wealth into tax evading offshore accounts.
  10. Unchecked corporate influencing of government and public policy
  11. Decline in public trust of media.
  12. Growth in misinformation technology: fake news and deep fake technology.
  13. Decline in public trust in government.
  14. Decline of institutional legitimacy
  15. Increasingly unfriendly political dialog/civil discourse.
  16. Declining political cooperation between political parties.
  17. Rising loneliness as greatest health issue according to US Surgeon General
  18. Increasing national medical costs (health care costs) related to treating the consequences of preventable illness and injury.
  19. Rising US obesity rates in children and adults.
  20. Increasing medical costs related to treating consequences of sustained lack of physical inactivity in US population.
  21. Increase in US military spending.
  22. Growing elderly population and no change in Social Security laws or system.
  23. Increase in violent hate groups and their advocacy for a race war.
  24. A 2,500% increase in deadly attacks at houses of worship in US since 1999.*
  25. Falling numbers of US students with math, science and engineering majors.
  26. Rising youth suicide rates
  27. Rise in mental illness.
  28. Increasing loneliness.
  29. First sustained three year decline in US life expectancy since the Spanish flu in 1917.
  30. Decline in US birth rates combined with increasing resistance to increasing foreign immigration numbers.
  31. Rise in Cyber threats: Identity theft. Crippling Cyber-attacks. Denial of service…
  32. Persistent government resistance to increasing investments in prevention.
  33. Increasing loss of small farmers and farmers.
  34. Increasing loss of top soil and use of pesticides, herbicides.
  35. Dwindling fresh water supplies
  36. Economic loss from natural disasters.

Unsustainable global trends that effect US citizens.

Environmental factors:

  1. Increasing global temperatures
  2. Increasing extreme weather patterns
  3. Increasing extinction of species.
  4. Rising sea levels.
  5. Declining fisheries.
  6. Increasing plastics in the ocean, air and soil.
  7. Accelerating loss of arable land.
  8. Increasing shortage of clean fresh water.
  9. Increasing loss of forests.
  10. Increasing loss of natural habitats
  11. Increasing wasteful consumption beyond earth’s natural systems to sustain.

Global factors.

  1. Decline in international cooperation.
  2. Increasing number of refugees
  3. Increasing number of failing states.
  4. Increasing populism.
  5. Decline in human freedom.
  6. Decline in democracies.
  7. Exponential growth of technology (AI…). It’s Power (loss of privacy. Loss of security with dual use tech).
  8. Affordability. Availability. Autonomous. Anonymous. Size.
  9. WMD evolution.
  10. Increasing tensions and violence in the Middle East.
  11. Increased killing of journalists.
  12. Growing global economic inequality.
  13. China’s growing investments in global infrastructure and military spending.

Evolution of war and terrorism.

Increased use of cyber (when everything is connected, security is everything)

  1. Increase in funding private paramilitary groups.
  2. Increased abductions and murders.
  3. Increased partnership with criminal groups (drug cartels).
  4. Increased support to secessionist groups.
  5. Increased encouragement of religious and political fringe groups.
  6. Increasing actions to exacerbate social tensions and violence.
  7. Evolution of weapons for use in space.
  8. Evolution of weapons technologies leading inevitably into AI.
  9. Increasing use of drones
  10. Increasing use of IEDs.
  11. Increasing spread of WMD.
  12. Failing arms control measures
  13. Increasing use of autonomous weapons systems.
  14. Increase in anonymous weapons systems.
  15. Increasing tactical advantage of using weapon systems offensively.
  16. Increasing use of asymmetrical weapons.
  17. Decreasing costs of mass murder technologies.
  18. Increasing availability of mass murder technologies.
  19. Increase in suicide attacks.
  20. Increasing length of conflicts

BIO Security threats:

  1. Evolution of new and re-emerging infectious disease.
  2. Increase in antibiotic resistance pathogens.
  3. Increased capacity for engineering genetically targeted bioweapons.

Chuck Wooley (not the Game show host)

Chuck’s professional grassroots organizing and advocacy successes on global health issues led to his elected position on the respected Action Board of the American Public Health Association (membership of 120,000 US Health Professionals). Later he was then elected by his peers to Chair the United Nation’s Association Council of Organizations (over 110 US based NGOs representing a collective membership of over 25 million Americans). His focus has been connecting local and global issues to US national security interests and using non-partisan fundamental principles to advance public thinking and US policy on vital systems and structures essential to forming a more perfect union and sustainable environment.

Chuck credits much of his successes to his mother’s love, father’s violence, the study of Biology and wrestling (having qualified for the 1972 Olympic Trials only to find out he was seriously not qualified – but was honored to make it that far after a childhood of obesity and sloth.) “We are all”, he says “always wrestling with issues and concerns our entire life. Or we should be — given the persistent changes in our bodies and the world.” “Loving persistence” and “ruthless compassion” are two qualities his mentors offered him. Admittedly to his detriment he usually offers people what they need to know instead of what they want to hear. Chuck is an avid quote collector… one of his many favorites — “Science is my passion, politics my duty.” Thomas Jefferson

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