A better tomorrow at Your Fingertips

We have all the tools we need to utterly remake society in a fair and kind way. Until recently we lacked only the focus and motivation to begin.  Now, we have both.

Mobilized is providing the tools and the wisdom to community leaders to take control of their stories while sharing the wisdom across the borders of perception.

Building new communities of systems and services does not have to involve all the drama of tearing down this present, rotten  and dysfunctional system.

It involves ABANDONING it.

No force on earth can prevent us from turning our back, withdrawing our consent, and refusing to drag more stones up the pyramids.

We can trigger a real Renaissance by simply refusing to keep playing the game by the existing rules.
We can design a better system, and people will join it freely. Unlike in the 1960’s, this time we won’t be ‘dropping out’ but then simply moving to another part of the prison. This time, we are not misinformed.

Now, we understand that we have each other.

When the (Industrial-Aged) systems fail (and they will continue to fail) we will have created the new and improved systems that serve us all…. And, we will still have each other.

And we will succeed. We can’t do it alone. We need everyone.


No flights.  No travel.  No hotels.  No uncomfortable conference centers.  No beaurocracy.   No aggravation.  No nonsense. No Kidding.

Built for the long term.

Imagine belonging to a generous and inclusive community of media makers in Earthshaker‘s artists and scientists social activist and social entrepreneurs who refuse to sit on the sidelines as leader ship at every level continue to plunder the planets resources for the rune their own self interest. Together we come together noted in solidarity for the health of all, and create a decentralized communication net work that clearly demonstrates best practices. Community leaders join in the conversations dedicated to improve the quality of life conversations take place weekly television series the future if we want it it’s in our hands

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

We are here to amplify and accelerate the transformative wisdom of evidence-based sustainable and regenerative systems through open collaboration between communities and movements.

THE MOBILIZED xCHANGE provides collaborative and cooperative services to the Mobilized cooperative communities, including the creation of new alliances, the aggregation and curation of multimedia programs, technology updates and learning from one another, including best case scenarios as well as learning from mistakes and problems encountered as to not encounter them again.

Mobilized.news brings communities and movements together to overcome misunderstandings, find and create better ways of working together, and bring new solutions to life through open collaboration and cooperation while learning from each other along the way.

The ecosystem brings value to communities by providing opportunities to their initiatives. The Mobilized Framework is organized through the development of carefully inter-linked and inter-dependent alliances. Through this platform, organizations can collectively share and amplify their wisdom so that communities outside of their communities can learn what is working, and also learn what is not working and why.

At the same time, the initiatives will collectively inform their audiences of the Mobilized network so that together, we can expand and amplify the reach of the collective consciousness of all involved parties.
By connecting local and regional initiatives and audiences​, and through the facilitation of this new and expanded media ecosystem, the Mobilized Exchange will empower these local organizations to ​build and expand their reach​ and build sustainable projects.

The Mobilized Exchange will also assist the growth and development of regional projects.

The Mobilized Exchange provides a suite of best-of-service tools, technologies and the insights of training—including best service optimizations, communications messaging, mobile distribution tools, e commerce tools and content management systems with the ultimate goal of expanding and mobilizing the reach and impact of the collective network of organizations and initiatives, thus enabling better outcomes.

The Ecosystem’s Working Components

  • Experts Network ​–A network of experts in their fields, organized in a web 4.0
  • Open Access Centralized hub of decentralized co-creation ​– Create andcollaborate without compromise. A Universal production company that embodies the true art of creation; create what you want, secure partnerships and collaborators or invite collaborators to your project.
  • Evidence-based, Imagination Empowered Solutions and Project News Network​– Because a society cannot function when it is kept in a constant state of ignorance
  • Decentralized Localized Community Media Radio Player ​– Helping to overcome the misunderstandings we have about people and communities that appear different from ours”
  • Main Street, Not Wall Street ​-Helping local communities connect and create better communications systems; Become a Mobilized collaborator in creation and you receive your own virtual studio with an all access pass to enable your very own community media info- structure.
  • News without the Noise ​– We dissect the truth from fiction and provide a kaleidoscope of wisdom from around the world
  • Mobilized Global Exchange ​– A marketplace of ideas into action, career opportunities, and events from around the world and to your home or office
  • Schedule of Events ​– A calendar of events and opportunities dedicated towards advancing your needs
  • Distribution Network ​–Found in the Mobilized Global Exchange, a showcase of products and distributors, helping people and businesses make better decisions for better outcomes
  • Mobilized LIVE!–​An open access conversation to the changes you want to create in the world. Each and every month, join the Mobilized team, artists and scientists, media makers and earth shakers for a lively conversation as we discuss the actions we can all take for a truly empowered world. Discover the schedule here
  • Bulletin boards and Job Boards ​– A hub of ongoing interactivity and discovery, new career opportunities, new financing opportunities, new projects to co-create
  • Cooperative Marketplace ​– Affiliate-driven project and product launches
  • Product Showcase ​– Promote your solutions, products and projects in ourproduct showcase, found in the Mobilized Global Exchange
    Live and On-Demand Wisdom of Experts​ – Advanced knowledge and ideas-into-action from experts in their fields; these are people who have been there, done that, and continue to do amazing things. Experience both live and on-demand presentations offering valuable idea-into-action insights to take on-the-go or in your daily life.
  • Networking –​ Through the use of group forums and bulletin boards, you can discover new opportunities and take advantage of them through community conversations. Discuss one on one or in a group setting or with representatives or speakers. Participating companies can showcase their products and services in our virtual showroom, creating long-term possibilities for engagement, participating and/or direct sales.
  • Ongoing learning news and learning network –​ New opportunities emerge whenever you want them! As an on-going media event, you can promote new products and services by showcasing them in the marketplace.
  • Promotional opportunities​– The invitation for professionals to visit product groups, download sales kits and experience new product demonstrations. Chat with the manufacturers and distributors, and take your team to a higher level of satisfaction, all in a highly productive environment. Showcase your products and services in a variety of formats, from text and PDF’ documents to videos, interactive presentations and live and/or on-demand webinars in an environment that’s dedicated to your needs.
  • Creatrix Production Studios​– A centralized hub of decentralized products and projects seeking collaborative and cooperative partnership