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43 for 45, The toxic effect of Agent Orange

43 for 45

43%, that’s the attrition rate for the executive appointments of our 45th President.  In just a little over a year, 43% have been fired or left on their own terms, while they still had some semblance of dignity.  Their call to serve the country was undermined by the call for loyalty to an impulsive abuser out of control.  Whether blocked at every turn, encouraged to lie or support untenable policies or face mounting legal bills, even corrupted associates have seen the light and chosen to walk while they still can.  What was once a static Washington swamp has become a swirling cesspool under Trump, drawing everyone associated with him down.


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The lasting effect of Agent Orange on the once dignified office of the Presidency may pollute the Whitehouse grounds for some time to come, making it unfit for future human habitation. Certainly, a cleanup will be required, but by what department?  Is there such a thing as an EPA for the lasting effects of a politicized moral pollution. Not really, but the process has begun with Robert Mueller.  It will take the combined efforts of an aware nation to do the rest and secure the future for coming generations.

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